Tropicana Reverting to Old Package Design

Tropicana Reverting to Old Package Design
Dan Gould
  • 23 february 2009

The people have spoken. Tropicana’s redesigned packaging, which was released to a near universal disdain is being pulled and it will revert back to the classic design next month. Consumers found the new design to be generic looking, confusing and too different from the iconic “straw in an orange” theme.

The New York Times reports:

The about-face comes after consumers complained about the makeover in letters, e-mail messages and telephone calls and clamored for a return of the original look.

Some of those commenting described the new packaging as “ugly” or “stupid,” and resembling “a generic bargain brand” or a “store brand.”

“Do any of these package-design people actually shop for orange juice?” the writer of one e-mail message asked rhetorically. “Because I do, and the new cartons stink.”

Others described the redesign as making it more difficult to distinguish among the varieties of Tropicana or differentiate Tropicana from other orange juices.

New York Times: “Tropicana Discovers Some Buyers Are Passionate About Packaging”

[via Swiss Miss]

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