Birchbox, move over: Marvina is the new hot subscription service (for cannabis)


Dane Pieri understands the paradox of choice. The San Francisco entrepreneur realized that, once his state officially legalized the sale of medicinal marijuana in 2003, many consumers were overwhelmed by the variety of strains they could purchase. In response, Pieri launched Marvina—a monthly subscription service for high-quality marijuana, with the goal of cultivating a new audience of cannabis connoisseurs.

Pieri describes Marvina as a “wine club for cannabis,” where subscribers receive a monthly package of three to four carefully-curated strains of marijuana. Each strain includes a description, predicted effects, and a flavor profile. Subscribers can choose strains that are either sativa-heavy (producing an energetic, cerebral high) or indica-heavy (for a full body high and pain relief). Subscriptions can include seven, 14, or 28 grams and start at $95 per month.

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