Furniture Collection Reimagines the Gym as Luxurious Living Space

Furniture Collection Reimagines the Gym as Luxurious Living Space
Design & Architecture

The Body Building collection doesn't accommodate sofa lounging — replacing rest with inspirational, luxurious and neon pieces

Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 8 december 2015

The exhibit by Rome-based gallery Secondome at Design Miami/ 2015 had many people thinking it was a popup gym. Designers Alberto Biagetti and Laura Baldassari of Atelier Biagetti refer to their collection of workout equipment inspired furniture as “antigym” pieces.


The ‘Body Building’ collection consists of seating, lighting, textiles and accessories that explore the idea of the body, its potential and the discipline of perfection. Each of the unique pieces is hand crafted with a high attention to detail using high-quality materials.


Cavallina Argento mimics the shape of a pommel horse, one of the toughest gymnastic disciplines, here reimagined as a bench in silver and pink leather.



K.O. is a real boxing punching bag covered in gold leather and hand-embroidered with gold thread.


Anelli is a take on gymnastic rings reimagined as a neon chandelier.


Each of the leather carpets contain graphics inspired by the markings on sports courts and fields.

The objects in the collection blend a dual narrative about human bodies at motion and rest, pain and comfort. Atelier Biagetti say their intention was to tease perceptions and create a short-circuit between aesthetics and function, challenging our expectations.





Atelier Biagetti

Photos: James Harris, Dave Pinter

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