If you've ever wanted to eat your face, Selffee gives you the chance by recreating images on multiple food items

Selfies are an inescapable part of having a social media presence, but one company is looking to bring them to the culinary world as well. Selffee wants to help customers put their selfies on cupcakes, coffees, iced teas and more.

The Selffee concept is simple: take a selfie with the app, hit send and have it appear on a food item a minute later. A special machine used to create the images only uses FDA approved food coloring and is recommended for events like corporate gatherings, weddings and birthdays. Currently the company's Indiegogo campaign has reached nearly 60 percent of its $30,000 goal to build a permanent establishment in New York City. This would allow them to open a shop so that they could sell individual coffees with selfies on them as well as larger orders for parties.

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