Sana Health has developed a pair of goggles that promises slumber by targeting the brain with specific vibrations and patterns

A company called Sana Health has developed smart sleep goggles that provide audio-visual stimulation that help you fall asleep. The goggles work by triggering specific patterns in your brain that induce deep states of relaxation and fend off insomnia. Called the Sana Sleep mask, the device can be personalized to your own taste and can monitor fluctuations in your nervous system.

The mask was inspired and developed by Richard Hanbury, CEO of Sana Health, whose chronic pain issues made it difficult for him to fall asleep. It has been tested on Bertrand Piccard who piloted the Solar Impulse on a round-the-world journey that lasted a year. On the mission, Piccard was only able to nap for three hours a day divided into 20-minute blocks. It has also been tested on athletes who need to get the right amount of rest while traveling to perform at their peak level.

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