Unique Music And Images Are Tailor-Made For E-Book Readers

Unique Music And Images Are Tailor-Made For E-Book Readers
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Bubo plays music in the background to correspond with the tone and action of a book

Zack Palm
  • 2 august 2017

Wanting to enhance the experience of reading an electronic book, a Switzerland-based team of developers created Bubo. Bubo synchronizes with select e-books to play music in the background and include additional illustrations. The music the app plays follows the tone and plot unfolding in the book. The music’s speed will increase or decrease throughout the e-book, depending on what happens in the story.

The team behind the app tailor-made the music and illustrations. Though the app is available, it remains in beta. Those who download the app and provide feedback on it receive two free e-books as a thank you for testing the product.

The Bubo beta was released on Google Play for Android and will become available in the Apple store at a later date.


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