Interior Design Service Builds A 3D Model Of Your Room

Interior Design Service Builds A 3D Model Of Your Room
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This service uses photos of your room to generate a precise 3D model and fill it with furniture

Leo Lutero
  • 8 november 2017

Figuring out what furniture to buy can be the most tedious part of decorating a room. Modsy is an online tool that wants to make this process a bit more fun and automated through 3D modeling. First, it turns your room into a blank canvas and then consults Pinterest for design inspiration.

To start the process, the user must upload photos of the room, send in measurements and take a quiz about style preferences. In a few days, the information is transformed into a 3D rendering of an empty space. Even if you have existing furniture lying around, Modsy clears it for you so you can start with a blank canvas. You also get two complete designs, featuring furniture from Modsy’s 100+ partner retailers. If you want to use them, just click and buy. You can also swap them out in the virtual rooms with other furniture.

The core of the technology is the Modsy Style Editor that lets you ‘walk’ around the furnished room. Using exact dimensions, it’s a unique way of test driving how a piece would look in the home before buying it. This puts an end to all the instances where you buy a chair or a table only to find out it doesn’t really fit.

This services costs $69 per room but there is also a $199 tier that includes unlimited consultations with an in-house interior designer.

The startup describes itself as a crossroads between art and technology. PSFK has seen similar concepts before, particularly using augmented reality where furniture can instantly appear in a room. However, Modsy’s curated approach starts with an empty room and builds from there. While pinning and liking pictures are helpful to stimulate home ideas, a 3D rendering of your space can be the best way to truly design your home.

View a test room here.


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