The fledgling cosmetics brand continues to blur the line between physical and digital experiences, hoping to drive traffic to its growing fleet of stores with on-premise creator studios

The once online-only beauty retailer Morphe is spreading its reach, opening approximately 50 brick-and-mortar stores in the U.S., U.K., Australia and Canada by the close of the year. Continuing the expansion from its first location in Burbank, California, Morphe is diverging from the typical store concept and shifting towards a digital-driven one: As PSFK researchers identified in our recent report forecasting the lay of the retail land for 2020, the cosmetics store is integrating a full-fledged studio experience to drive brand awareness with consumer-generated content.

Currently 12 studios are up and primping, but 40 more are in the works to be available for use by the end of 2019. Consumers can reserve the studio space to film YouTube videos and are offered the support of on-site staff assistance for content creation. Included in the online booking in advance is film equipment and lighting to use for the videos.

The studio doubles as a makeup application space, where consumers can be pampered by a makeup artist for a free 20-minute makeover with Morphe's products. Part of the studio experience also involves master makeup classes to teach application skills and techniques. Beyond encouraging foot traffic, the studios are intended to help Morphe generate even more high-quality digital content, creating a synergistic relationship between its on and offline channels.


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