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Corona Launches Branded Private Island Contest

Corona Launches Branded Private Island Contest

Iconic beer brand Corona introduces a wholly-immersive new marketing promotion: Corona Island, set to open in the spring of 2022.

The Corona Island campaign is not for a beer-soaked and suds-fueled party island, instead the nature-first branded private retreat is built around conscious consumption and sustainable living. Corona Island will be a magical destination centered around sustainability and is striving to become “Blue Verified” by Oceanic Global as part of the NGO's rigorous Blue Standard program. Located off the coast of Colombia, the island will provide guests with wellness offerings such as yoga classes, stargazing sessions, and guided meditations; as well as immersive educational touchpoints like the opportunity to visit the farm that grows the food they'll eat during the stay and workshops on plastic-free living. 

With beer that was born in Mexico at the beach, Corona’s ingredients of water, barley, maize and hops, are 100% natural, and Corona Island was born out of a desire to pay respect to and celebrate the natural environment that supplies the brand’s 100% natural ingredients. The island’s natural environment and guest experience will be a direct extension and distillation of the brand. 

Fans of the company will be able to win a trip to the Island with nine of their friends, as part of an all-inclusive promotion by Corona. To win the $50,000 USD trip to Corona Island, contestants can enter to win in two ways: either through a global auction on Giving Tuesday hosted by CharityBuzz, or through earning miles through product purchases, collecting stamps or finding a golden ticket. Both Corona and Colombia will be strictly limiting the number of visitors allowed. 

Progressive brands are embracing a suite of new channels and new technologies to connect and engage their audiences. At the furthest edges, companies, like Corona, are even experimenting with fully owned physical experiences to bring their identities to life and delight shoppers with prizes and contests that serve as a platform to market both brand and product. 


This article originally appeared in the PSFK Report, Leveraging Interactive Marketing Formats – a PSFK Guide for brands and retailers to create strategies for new promotional experiences and user-activated marketing campaigns.