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How Your Company Could Serve The Community Better

How Your Company Could Serve The Community Better

For Part Two of The Grocery Store Playbook, we're getting into the key details of tomorrow's grocery experience with strategic insights from our propriety U.S. consumer survey.

Shoppers want more from their local store – and this desire sets up new opportunities for grocery & convenience retailers plus the brands behind the products that are sold in these stores. As part of the research we conducted for for our Grocery Playbook, we polled US grocery store shoppers and we came away with 3 major takeaways:

– They enjoy their shopping trip(!) but they want to do more while they’re at the store. They want additional services and experiences and they see opportunities for brand partners to deliver these.

– Shoppers also believe that their grocery stores need to understand their importance in the community and respond – by being accessible to all, by leading when it comes to sustainability.

– In-store shoppers are less interested in personalization – they know that they want to buy (or they’ll check what’s on offer).  Your customers really want technology they can use to get through the trip on their terms – and that means technology on their phone that allows them to scan, know and go.

Here's what we learned:

1. Folks kinda like shopping in the grocery store
89% of US grocery shoppers find some pleasure from their trips. The question is that with so many barbarians at the gate – where do we go from here?

2. But shoppers do want to get more out of the time on the trip
Supermarkets' creep into QSR and speedy dining options has been well reported and there's good reason – people wanna eat after a shop! Folks would also spend their time banking or even attending an event.

3. There's a big opportunity for brand manufacturers to get involved
Delivering new services and experiences to shoppers isn't just the responsibility of grocery retailers – shoppers say they'd welcome brand participation in creating new offerings.

4. Sometimes technology needs to just get out of the way
We've seen a big push towards personalization recently, but do people really want to be greeted by their name as they walk in the store? Probably not – and they don't want help via the recipe making and meal planning apps either.

5. And sometimes technology just needs to help shoppers get on the way
Grocery store shoppers are ready to use self-scan and self-checkout – with their own phones. Robots can wait! Folks want to get in and out on their own terms.

6. The way the store embraces its community on a local level is critical
People see their local store as just that: local and part of their community. It's where they see each other, where they work and where they access other services.

7. Consumers expect grocery stores to be accessible to all
Grocery stores is where we all get to mix and hang out. Every member of our community should feel welcome there.

8. And finally, in case you didn't know this: sustainability matters!
The impact of the store has on the environment is directly correlated with the connection it has with the community.

9. Is eCommerce even “Shopping”??
Ultimately, PSFK researchers believe its time to really see the in-person shop and the online ordering as very distinct activities. They achieve similar goals but the shopper expects and demands very different experiences. As PSFK founder Piers Fawkes recently told The Drum:

“Online has become a place of specificity and efficiency and real-world retail, discovery and delight. As a result, shoppers expect e-retailers to provide a sophisticated, personalized shopping experience. In contrast, personalization is not as big a deal offline. People already understand a store’s offerings and they go there for surprise and serendipity.”

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Released September 2022: 15 Strategies & 50 Tactics for 6 Growth Strategies For eMarketplace Success.

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