Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Mapping The Modern Competitive Travel Landscape

Today's leading travel brands are delivering curated, seamless and empowered experiences—and a few are achieving on multiple levels

Advertising Amtrak Is Running A Special Train To View The Solar Eclipse

In less than a day, the rail line sold out hundreds of special tickets for the upcoming eclipse, which will take passengers to the best viewing spot in Illinois

Retail Amtrak Partners With Lyft For First And Last Mile Trip Service

The partnership helps riders travel to and from Amtrak stations where public transit may be harder to locate

Luxury Amtrak Steps Up Its Game With Its First Traveler's Lounge

The national railroad is taking a cue from airlines and making its customers more comfortable with a new space in Chicago's Union Station

7 Items You Need to Know Today

A handful of creatives trade lives for Timberland, Facebook's 747-sized drone could take the air by 2015 and Amtrak taps two-dozen for its in-train 'writer's residency'

Work Amtrak Turns Train Route Into An Outdoor Art Gallery

Colorful murals along the tracks experiment with scale, perspective and the passage of time.

Innovation 10 Stories You Need To Know Today

Google stops scanning student emails, Twitter revenues increase drastically, and The New York Times gets a new logo.

Innovation Amtrak Offers Writers Free Train Trips To Inspire Creativity

Creatives could soon take their work on the road and enjoy a "writer's residency" for free.

Design Holiday Player Piano Transforms The Morning Commute

Travelers and commuters passing through Chicago's Union Station got a festive surprise in the form of a piano that interacted with them, controlled by a remote pianist.

Design New Jersey Redesigns Transit Map For The Super Bowl

Finally a map that connects all the transit lines between New Jersey and New York.

Home PSFK Picks: Top 5 Apps Of The Week

Read the news through illustrated bullet points, or pick a wall color from a photograph.

Technology Google Map Calms Down Anxious Travelers With Real-Time Amtrak Schedules

New tool lets you keep track of over 300 daily trains across the country.

Work 13 Stories You Need To Know Today

IRS to check your social media, teens less interested in social media and iPhone becomes biometric reader...links to start your day with.

Advertising 9 Stories You Need To Know Today

VC funding on decline, Hearst magazines on iPad and Kickstarter success stories...links to start your day with.