Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Cardless ATMs Will Let People Withdraw Money Using Just A Phone

Customers with Wells Fargo can now use the company's app to access their account through an ATM

Retail This Futuristic ATM Wants To Completely Replace Bank Branches

The self-service kiosk allows people to perform all their banking needs through Skype conferencing on the device

Advertising McDonald's ATM Exchanges Big Macs For Tweets

The fast food chain's marketing stunt provides a glimpse into the world of retail automation

Technology ATM Let You Take Out Money Using A Phone

Customers banking with the new system can use their mobile device to quickly and seamlessly withdraw funds from their account

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Singapore ATM Lets You Video Chat Live With Tellers

The new service will dispense lost cards, provide internet banking tokens and provide better customer service

Home Avoid the ATM with Cash Delivery App

If the bar you're at is cash only and just too fun to leave, Nimbl can help

Design New Chase Bank Kiosks Replace ATM Logins With Palm Prints

The company's consumer division is introducing a new banking experience for their customers.

Advertising ATM Dispenses Less Cash To Men To Protest Wage Inequality [Video]

A women's organization worked with a Swiss bank to create a machine that dispensed 20% less than the selected amount of male clients.

Technology ATMs Allow Cash Withdrawal With Just A Smartphone App

Cardless Cash Access is an app from financial services provider FIS that allows cash withdrawal without a debit card.

Technology Drinking Water ATM Dispenses Clean Liquid To Remote Villages

Developed by start-up Sarvajal, the technology provides people with better access to safe resources.

Technology ATM Offers Remote Tellers To Personalize Bank Transactions

The APTRA Interactive Teller from NCR can be remotely controlled by a teller who is able to cash checks and dispense bills in any form.

Innovation Bank Of America Introduces Video Chat ATMs

New cash machines will allow you to talk with a teller and carry out more advanced transactions.

24 Hour Juice ATM Opens In LA

Kreation Juice installs a round-the-clock juicer outside their Beverly Hills location.

Advertising Coca-Cola ATM Dispenses Free Cash For People Willing To Share [Video]

The ‘happiness’ machines in Spain gave out 100 euros to random recipients, encouraging them to pass it on to others.