Case Study Kellogg's Cereal Crunchers Can Color Their Box And Then View In AR

The food brand is aiming to drive engagement with its cereal by giving the coloring box of yesteryear a 2019 upgrade

Analysis Trending:, Spyce And More Bring Automated Operations To The Restaurant Industry

The following seven restaurants and cafes are leveraging cutting-edge technology and robotic hardware to provide consumers with self-service dining

Fashion & Apparel Puma's Digital-Led Store Enhances How Consumers Discover Its Shoes

The athletic brand famous for its sneakers is driving engagement by enhancing store consumers' path to purchase at three key stages

Consumer Goods Department Store Uses RFID Tech To Better Track Inventory

Myer is using RFID to enhance its inventory transparency and accuracy as online sales continue to soar and consistency with in-store stock becomes imperative

Automotive DHL Offers Cash-On-Delivery Service For Unbanked Consumers

The delivery company's new service will allow e-commerce retailers to gain a farther reach and offer an alternative payment option to customers without bank accounts

Food & Beverage Extra Gum Helps Emerging Musicians Use YouTube Ads As Audition Stage

The program matches emerging musicians with established performers, creating engaging pre-roll ads that let viewers vote to choose the best act

Brand Activation & Immersion Pop-Up Cafe Rewards Customers' Exercise By Letting Them Trade Steps For Snacks

An ephemeral cafe in Sydney is trading customers' exercise activity as measured by a fitness app for treats made with Uncle Tobys Oats in promotion of the brand's products

Cafe & Restaurant Kiosk-Only Restaurant Offers Customers Healthy Food In Three Minutes

HZ, a cashless and vegan-friendly restaurant, reserves human staff for the kitchen only, manning the eatery's front with self-serve kiosks to enable delivery of nutritious food in record time

Food & Beverage AR Wine Labels Provide Consumers With Animated, Historic, & Zombie-Filled Tales

By pointing their phones at wine bottles, wine lovers can animate the mugshots of infamous Australians or bring zombies to life, offering consumers a themed and engaging product experience

Loyalty & Membership IKEA's Take-Back Service Lets Owners Recycle Their Furniture, Contributing To Circular Economy

To reduce waste and incentivize recycling, IKEA is offering shoppers a chance to return unwanted furniture for store credit, and selling it at a discounted price

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Queensland Is Transforming Into A Crypto-Friendly Tourism Destination

In a partnership with TravelbyBit, the Australian state is streamlining tourism transactions everywhere from the airport to beach resorts, facilitating currency exchanges and encouraging global visitors

Health Health Insurance Company Advises Millennials Through Online Game Show

Health insurance company ahm collaborated with Vice on a show that engages its players and audience on a complicated subject using a mix of comedy and education

Home Energy Service Automatically Switches Customers To The Best Deal

For a fee, consumer advocacy group analyzes prices from electricity retailers and switches users to most economic deals

Retail Order Coffee With A Splash Of Facial Recognition

A Sydney cafe owner created his own facial recognition system, aimed at small businesses, for more personalized service