Brand Activation & Immersion Parents Can Ask Alexa To Check Their Baby Apps And Devices

As one of the biggest baby gear retailers, Amazon is launching a Baby Skill Activity API, letting parents update baby apps and baby care devices to monitor feedings, changing times, weight and more through voice control

Consumer Goods Brandless Offers Shoppers More Categories And Membership Options

The "brand tax-free" retailer launches premium baby and pet assortments with new price points as well as an optional subscription service, diversifying its inventory while optimizing convenience

Analysis Interview: Shopping Platform MASSE Lets Friends Share Product Recommendations

To help consumers wade through the overabundance of items available online and avoid unreliable reviews, MASSE is enabling social commerce between friends and family to share and recommend products

Beauty Interview: How A Baby Skincare Brand Enables Quality, Transparency And Affordability

In this interview, MADE OF's founder shares their process for creating natural skincare offerings that appeal to health and environmentally-conscious consumers

Children Gap Has Rolled Out A Subscription Clothing Service For Babies

The clothing brand created a new subscription program to make it easier for parents to get clothes for the babies

Design Stroller Mounted Air Filter Creates A Protective Bubble Around Babies

This baby fan filter will help protect young children from airborne pollutants

Infants Self-Protective Pacifier Snaps Into A Bubble When It Drops To The Floor

When this pacifier drops it automatically pops back into its protective sphere to avoid getting germs on the end

Food & Beverage This Startup Is Trying To Revolutionize Baby Food

Based on the idea that canned food shouldn't be older than your baby, Little Spoon sends fresh, balanced meals on a subscription basis

Advertising Children's Store Flagship Dispenses Advice To First Time Parents

South Korean nursery brand, Marie's Baby Circle, is designed to be an information resource for parents having their first child

Retail Meal Kit Subscription Service Turns To Baby Food

Start-up Thistle has launched a new service to make nutritious baby food at home

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel App Alerts Distracted Commuters When Pregnant Women Need Seats

Babee on Board allows expecting mothers to request seats on local transportation, even when people are preoccupied with their phones

Technology App-Connected Breast Pump Focuses On A Mother's Needs

Th device focuses on the biology of a mother feeding their child milk for a more comfortable experience

Children Scientifically-Crafted Song Keeps Babies Happy

C&G Babyclub created the track with the sound of sneezes, animals and laughter

Design Battery Powered Cradle Will Rock Itself

NoomiNoomi is a clever device that makes it easier to put babies to sleep