Entertainment Discovery Offers Subscribers Specialty Non-Fiction Video Streaming

Discovery Inc. is expanding its subscription streaming service with BBC non-fiction shows pertaining to food, natural history and more, part of the media company’s strategy to acquire subscribers with specialty content

Shopper Education & Assistance BBC Sounds Designs Unique Listening Experiences For Every User

In order to stay relevant amongst the likes of YouTube and Spotify, BBC launched an app that brings together its radio content, music and podcasts all in once place, tailored to individual users' listening habits

Brand Activation & Immersion How AR Prompts Deeper Consumer Engagement Around Content

Major media brands are producing augmented reality content that adds an interactive layer to their storytelling

Advertising BBC's Ambient Nature Videos Promote Viewers' Mental Wellbeing

BBC Earth has been repurposing footage into 10-hour videos of relaxing landscapes as part of a 'Happiness Project' to help put people at ease

Interview How BBC Is Looking To Podcasts To Engage New Audiences

PSFK had a chance to talk to Acast and BBC about using podcasts as a new revenue source for journalistic endeavors

Children BBC Made A Social Sharing App With Content For Kids

To distribute content for viewers under 13, BBC launched a kid-friendly app with short videos, emojis and GIFs for children to enjoy

Home BBC Has Created A New Audio Drama For Google Home And Amazon Echo

A new BBC drama prompts the listener to answer questions the characters of the story ask

Advertising Virtual Reality Recreates The Journey Of A Refugee

A new VR experience places the user next to a Syrian refugee family to learn about their difficult journey and where they want to go

Design BBC Is Rolling Out A New Font For Mobile Screens

The font is designed to give readers a better experience and ultimately save the broadcasting company money

Technology BBC's Streaming Service Can Use The Viewer's Voice As A Remote

BBC and Microsoft partnered to see how the iPlayer service might use voice as a controlling mechanism

Retail Old Gas Station Gets A Second Life As A Bright Event Pop-Up Space

Craig & Karl recolored an old gas station to highlight the area's history of broadcasting

Entertainment Doctor Who Campaign Challenges Fans To Solve A Mystery Over Skype

Fans can join the Doctor as he attempts to find the six Keys of Time scattered across all space and time and bring them together again to save the universe

Design Mobile Podcast Studio Shows Up In London's Creative Business District

Fathom Architects designs a small structure for interviews, discussions, and voiceover recordings

Design A Book Inspired By The Sounds Of Radio

In collaboration with printed matter, musician Nicolas Jaar will release the unique book at LA Art Fair