Brand Activation & Immersion Beijing's Daxing International Airport Offers An Art-Infused Travel Experience

The just-finished facility features art that spans centuries, showing off the best of China's art and updating the airport experience

Fashion & Apparel Fast-Fashion Brand Selected Offers Consumers In China Phygital And Sharable Store Experience

The Scandinavian brand is building a next-gen store experience that merges the best of online and offline retail in a shopping journey designed around social-media sharing and personalization

Automotive China’s New Ridesharing Platform Capsizes Car Ownership

A partnership between ride-hailing service Didi Chuxing and 31 auto industry partners will bring out a fleet of EVs specifically designed for ridesharing

Design China's First Magazine Library Opens In A Historic Beijing House

Fon Studio converted a traditional Beijing hutong into a minimalist library and reading room

Work This 'Tetris Table' Suits Any Office's Needs

Beijing firm People's Architecture Office created the new design to give people flexibility in any office space

Fitness & Sport Smart Tracks And 'Smog Jogs:' The Rapid Rise Of Shanghai's Running Clubs

With facial-recognition running tracks and an over-subscribed marathon, Shanghai is fast becoming a city of joggers—despite its notorious air pollution

Retail This Exclusive Club In China Is Designed For Self-Improvement

Casa Fengchao promises to help China's elite move further forward in life

Syndicated Inside China's Newly Booming Tech Hub

As the capital of a western province, Guiyang’s sudden development into China’s ‘Big Data Valley’ has brought astonishing change

Advertising Chinese Bike Share Launches Partnership For Air-Purifying Bicycles

Bike-sharing company ofo is hoping that the bicycles can help alleviate pollution issues in large cities

Design Coloring Book Encourages Reflection On Climate Change

By making the data more tactile, the Climate Change Coloring Book encourages people to think through the pressing issue

Syndicated Air Pollution Masks Are Becoming A Fashion Statement

As air pollution worsens, designers are targeting city dwellers in Europe and the United States with couture masks

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel The World's First 'AirCruise' Is Now Available For Booking

Guests can fly from New York to Paris, stopping off in 10 major cities

Fashion & Apparel Smog Vacuum Turns Pollution Particulates Into Unique Jewelry

A large device was installed in Beijing that sucks up smog and compresses it into small centerpieces atop jewelry

Automotive Built-In Vehicle Longboard Helps Drivers Explore Urban Areas

Audi has designed a new concept for megacities with dense traffic