Banks, Insurance & Financial Services ING Bank Introduces Branch Designs Meant To Feel Like Coming Home

The financial giant unveiled new branches in Spain, the Netherlands and Belgium that are designed to provide customers with the comforts of home, including living room-like waiting areas and places for kids to play

Brand Activation & Immersion Delvaux’s NYC Flagship Shows Why Physical Retail Still Matters

The highly regarded luxury goods house opens its first U.S. location in New York, combining beauty, legacy and unique customer experiences to create a must-see destination for New Yorkers and beyond

Food & Beverage Belgian Supermarket Will Fill Shoppers' Google Assistant-Dictated Lists

Colruyt grocery stores will allow shoppers to create and send lists for filling by voice via an app integrated with Google Assistant

Merchandising & Curation Carrefour Lets Shoppers Order Locally-Sourced Goods Online

The European retailer is bringing hyper-regional sourcing of goods to its online store, helping support local producers and responding to consumer demand for locally-sourced products

Design Pop-Up Swimming Pools Convert Urban Areas Into Water Playgrounds

The initiative, created by an organization called Pool Is Cool, is dedicated to providing the residents of Brussels, Belgium with public swimming spaces

Advertising This Homeless Donation Site Targets Consumers By Living On Other Websites

The Homeless Webshop is an initiative by a Belgian charity to reach a wide audience of potential benefactors and facilitate donations by easily inserting into the code of established brands' websites, itself having no official home domain

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Travel Startup Doesn't Reveal The Destination Until Booking

Vacationers in need of a relaxing time get set up with eco-friendly rentals and meal plans, without even facing the trouble of choosing where to go

Children Campaign Removed Boy From Sugar Packaging To Help Missing Children

Belgian non-profit Child Focus used a household brand to deliver a call-to-action for its advocacy work

Work Architects Turned A 17th-Century Chapel Into A Modern Workspace

The Belgian firm Klaarchitectuur used inventive techniques to create modern office and community spaces while preserving the historic building

Home Crowdsourced Platform Connects Pet Owners With Pet Sitters

With Pawshake, owners who don't want their pets to remain at home alone or in a kennel can find people in their local area willing to do the job

Design Create Realistic Oil Paintings On A Tablet

Researchers have developed an app that simulates physical fluidity and lighting orientation

Entertainment Lash Clock Meditatively Marks The Passing Of Time

Artist Bina Baitel gives viewers a contemplative perspective of time by gently moving forward without audible noise or sense of worry

Automotive Office Shuttle Turns Commuting Into A Productive Workspace

The Office On Wheels is designed to help employees start their workday with productivity

Design Floating House Can Be Split In Two If A Marriage Goes South

The 'Prenup House' is a conceptual structure that can easily detach if a couple decides to split