Design Amsterdam Is Curbing Plastic Waste Through 3D Printed Benches

Rotterdam research and design studio turns plastic waste into cool and innovative street furniture

Advertising Nescafé Bench Brings People Together Over A Coffee

The Hello Bench shortens when someone is sitting at each end

Syndicated Sign Uses Solar Power And Electronic Paper

Soofa's Bench in Boston offers a sustainable way to advertise, and is currently providing live updates given by city officials

Design Rotating Park Bench Ensures You a Dry Seat in the Event of Rain

Designer imagines sustainable inventions for the public space for all seasons

Technology Interactive Furniture Responds To Human Touch [Pics]

Chair, tables, and benches that light up and react to the body.

Innovation Minimalistic Kid's Bench Turns Into Seesaw [Pics]

Interesting furniture piece doubles as a children's play equipment.

Design The Curvaceous Amada Bench

A uniquely designed piece of wooden furniture is made using a special technique called steam bending.

Advertising (Pics) A Bench Made From Used IKEA Coffee Tables

An upcycled piece of furniture made from second hand finds.

Design Eco-Friendly Designs Aim To Improve City Economy

A group of young designers from Spain repurpose construction waste as a series of urban furniture.

Advertising Pop-Up Multi-Use Street Furniture In Utrecht

The Pop-Up solves the problem of public place seating, without needing extra space.