Food & Beverage Pepsi Experiments With New Protein Sources, Such As Mealworm Powder

PepsiCo is looking for a new protein source for its snacks and beverages, though there's no word as to what products will be affected

Luxury LVMH Has Launched An Experimental Online Drinks Platform

Clos19 offers a wide selection of luxurious drinks, catering services, and special events on its newly launched website

Advertising Upload A Selfie To This Bottle Of Juice Before You Buy

The 'Feeling Fly' campaign is designed to promote customer engagement

Video Coca-Cola's Premium Milk Brand Focuses on Marketing

Coke dabbles in high-end milk in a joint venture with Select Milk Producers

Design Children's Beverage Carton Concept Is Both a Drink and Play Toy

Building block packaging encourages creativity and social responsibility

Design Design-Inspired, Cold-Pressed Juice Acts as Catalyst to Lifestyle Change

This newly designed beverage acts as a cure to unhealthy lifestyles, rather than just being another cleanse

Design Food Designer: How The Eating Experience Can Unlock Hidden Creativity [PSFK 2014]

In this video, Emilie Baltz talks about her year of experiences using food to inspire new ideas.

Retail Coffee Cup Exchange Program Creates A Waste-Free Sharing Economy

New Yorkers share everything, so why not their coffee cups?

Advertising E-Ink Coffee Mug Switches Its Design With Every Cup

This smart mug is sure to add some variety to your morning.

Innovation Instant Drink Cooler Eliminates Excessive Energy Use [Video]

Breakthrough technology can cool your drink when you buy it in under 45 seconds.

Home Coke Launches Online Delivery Service For Indian Homes

First online portal for buying soft drinks over the internet pilots in Asia.

Innovation Grab A Drink On The Go With In-Cab Vending Machines

Around 250 taxis in New Orleans will offer a choice of non-alcoholic beverages for just 99 cents.

Innovation 8 Stories You Need To Know Today

Google Reader is dead, long live Digg Reader, and Facebook looks at hashtags...links to start your day with.

Advertising Fast Food Coffee Chain Wants To Mix Hooters With Starbucks

Baristas drive-thru espresso stands employ attractive females who wear skimpy costumes.