Big Data

Merchandising & Curation Interview: How Contextual User Experiences Are Optimizing Services

In this interview, CEO and co-founder of Talla Rob May discusses how his company is using big data and artificial intelligence to help businesses improve the user experience for their consumers

Retail eBay's New 'Interests' Feature Personalizes The Marketplace

The e-commerce retailer launched a customization tool that compiles relevant options for shoppers in a mobile interface

Fashion & Apparel H&M Digs Into Big Data From Returns And Receipts To Boost Store Sales

Location-specific information from receipts, returns and loyalty cards will help the retailer provide an increasingly targeted product selection

How Artists Are Taking On Facebook And Big Data

Langlands and Bell are celebrating their 40th year together – by taking an uncompromising look at Silicon Valley’s utopian promises

Advertising Op-Ed: Understanding What Consumers Want Without Ever Asking Them

With Coca-Cola launching four new flavors of Diet Coke, Black Swan Chief Strategy Officer Hugo Amos examines the power of social listening in brand strategy

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Data Integration Platform Looks To Transform Urban Navigation

Coord aims to empower cities to encourage ridesharing and reduce curbside congestion

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Big Data Sets Its Sights On Subway Improvements And Ridesharing Fleets

Teralytics uses telecommunications data to help cities and services plan transportation based on how people move

Delivery & Logistics Is Big Data Killing Innovation? 

The Cambridge Group's Chris Fosdick and Linda Deeken discuss ways to apply Amazon's tactics to retail to achieve business growth

Design Roundtable: How The Fashion Industry Has Gone Completely Full Circle in 200 Years

To get some crystal ball predictions for what the future of fashion  holds for PSFK's Fashion Debrief, we turned to a handful of experts

Design PurpleList Podcast Episode 19: Sustainable Fashion? Designers And AI Joining Forces

In PSFK’s Fashion Debrief, we spoke to Sefleuria’s founder and data scientist Jessica Graves about how the future of fashion is not going to be a human or AI situation, but rather an and

Retail This AI Travel Agent Helps Impulse Flyers Get Plane Tickets

Hopper created Flex Watch to cultivate through big data for undecided travelers to make more spontaneous decisions on trips

Technology 4 Core Technologies Shaping The Future Of Manufacturing

PSFK’s Future of Manufacturing report identifies the four technologies leading digital supply chain transformation

Delivery & Logistics How One Manufacturer Uses The Cloud To Optimize Customer Experience

A case study from the Future of Manufacturing shows how Arçelik A.S. provides exceptional post-sales customer service using a Microsoft cloud solution

Consumer Goods Uninterrupted Operations Through Responsive Maintenance

PSFK's Future Of Manufacturing report explores manufacturers responding to emerging situations before systems malfunction