Analysis How Brands Like Uber And Microsoft Meet In-Moment Needs With Multimodal Mobility Apps

Detailed in PSFK's Automotive CX Debrief, mobility companies are diversifying their offerings, letting customers switch between options like car sharing, public transportation, bikes and scooters as their needs change

Automotive Uber Customers Can Select E-Bikes As Their Mode Of Transport

Uber's acquisition of Jump and its latest e-bike model is intended to give the rideshare a competitive edge in its market, as companies look to offer additional and eco-friendly modes of transit

Design Cycle Brand Will Track Your Stolen Bike

Bike manufacturer Vanmoof has introduced a new Smart Bike that growls like an animal to deter potential thieves and sends an alert to the owner

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel This Concept Bike Is Designed For Beach-Loving Tourists

The Solectrike enables tourists to sightsee and move around coastal areas easily

Advertising Exercise Bike Only Lets You Watch Netflix When You're Pedaling

Cycflix uses the streaming platform as a motivation to help people continue exercising

Design This DIY Sound Machine Emits A Sound To Keep Cyclists Safe

Ecobici is made to create a pleasant soundscape on the road and alert everyone that a cyclist is nearby

Entertainment Electronic Band Kraftwerk Collaborate To Create The Ultimate Techno Bike

Canyon Bicycles works with German band Kraftwerk to produce a limited-edition electronic bicycle to pay homage to the group

Fitness & Sport Dutch Bike Lock Disables Phones While On The Move

Dutch telecom company KPN designed a bicycle lock that shuts off a phone's network access while the owner rides

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Two-Seater Bicycle Is Designed For All Of Your City Adventures

Industrial and automobile designer Tamás Túri has designed an ergonomic bike for two

Automotive BMW Scooter Concept Knows Where You Want To Go

The electric scooter links to your calendar so it can plan your trips automatically

Technology The First Connected Handlebars Make Biking Safer

A startup technology company made it easier for bikers to use their phones during their rides without it being a distraction

Innovation Air-Free Tires Could Put An End To Punctures

A new technology from Bridgestone eliminates the need for tires to be inflated with air

Automotive Ford's Blow-Up Bicycle Fits Inside A Car's Trunk

The car company has submitted a patent to create an inflatable bike frame made from Kevlar

Adjustable Bicycle Can Morph And Grow With You

The slot-and-slide frame called the NoBike is made to adjust easily to the rider's height