Automotive How Brands Like BMW Derive Valuable Consumer Data Using Reciprocal Exchange

These four retailers are trading rewards and incentives with shoppers in exchange for shared information and invaluable intelligence

Design IKEA Introduces Multi-Use Bluetooth Speakers

IKEA's first audio products were designed with versatility in mind, with options to carry, hang and mount the speakers depending on need

Home These Turntable-Inspired Sinks Will Turn Your Bathroom Into A Club

An Italian bath fixtures company released a new sink collection that has the look of vintage turntables with a hidden wireless speaker inside

Food & Beverage Bluetooth-Enabled Ceramic Mug Keeps Coffee Just How You Like It

Ember has developed a ceramic mug version of their successful travel mug that keeps beverages at just the right temperature

Fashion & Apparel Futuristic 'Fitting Room' Captures 15,000 Measurements To Create Perfect Bespoke Clothing

ZOZOSUIT is a fitting room concept that uses a body suit to take exact measurements for personalized clothing

Retail This Experimental Service Hopes To Turn Your City’s Streets Into A News Homepage

OtherWorld is a pilot project in Manchester, UK that offers targeted news stories based on the readers geo-location

Fitness & Sport This Bluetooth Smart Condom Measures How Many Calories You Burn During Sex

The i.Con goes around the base of a condom to track the wearer's various statistics

Advertising KFC Turned A To-Go Box Into A Bluetooth Game Controller

The Gamer's Box 2.0 lets you play games with your fast food packaging

Technology Bone Conduction Ring Lets You Make Calls With Your Fingers

Orii makes accepting calls far easier by using bone conduction and vibrating through a person's finger

Entertainment All-In-One Turntable Pairs Vinyl Records And Wireless Streaming

Vinyl lovers can sync old and new with this updated turntable that upgrades sound quality while linking to other modern technologies

Health Bluetooth Ring Tracks Vital Signs 24/7

The OURA provides important feedback based on the wearer's vitals tracked throughout the day, during exercises, and while they sleep

Design Social Earbuds Can Share Music Among Gym Buddies

The Wearhaus Beam headphones enable friends to listen to tunes together effortlessly

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Gatwick Airport's Indoor Navigation Overhaul Helps Passengers Find Their Way

The airport launched an indoor navigation system so travelers always know their location without needing a physical map

Entertainment Turn Old Bottles Into A Functional Speaker System

The Cork speaker fits on top of glass bottles to produce different volumes and sounds based on the shape of the vessel