Analysis Trending:, Spyce And More Bring Automated Operations To The Restaurant Industry

The following seven restaurants and cafes are leveraging cutting-edge technology and robotic hardware to provide consumers with self-service dining

Technology Pioneer Of Humanability: Nigel Jacob

In an interview with PSFK, working in collaboration with Verizon, Nigel Jacob discusses how he is using technology for good with his work for New Urban Mechanics

Technology Pioneer Of Humanability: Mike Stanley

In an interview with PSFK, working in collaboration with Verizon, Mike Stanley discusses how he is using technology for good in his work with Transit X, creating solar-powered pods that provide an alternative to current methods of public transport, ultimately hoping to curb urban pollution and congestion

Brand Activation & Immersion L.L. Bean To Offer Outdoor Office Space For Cooped-Up Workers

The brand's campaign will offer outdoor workspaces, conference rooms and cycling desks in select cities to help promote worker wellness as well as reach a wider audience

Packaging & Product Engagement Pizza Chain Creates A Box That Transforms Into A Bed Tray

Just in time for Father's Day, Boston Pizza added some handy functionality to its standard cardboard packaging, debuting a box that folds out into a useable tray as the chain caters to consumer behavior like eating in bed

Food & Beverage Restaurant Dining Table Was Designed With Instagram Enthusiasts In Mind

The $10K table includes features like adjustable lights to help patrons get the perfect shot of their meal before posting it to social media

Store Experience & Design 'Slow Fashion' Brand Adds In-Store Leather Goods Personalization

An experiential Boston store from Canadian fashion brand Roots includes a leather workshop where customers can have bags and jackets customized with exclusive looks

Cafe & Restaurant Boston Restaurant Uses Automation To Provide Fast, Customized Service

The on-demand eatery Spyce utilizes an automated workspace that allows for expedited production, enabling human workers to focus on guiding consumers through the ordering process

AR Reinstalls Stolen Artwork At A Boston Museum

Cuseum is giving visitors at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum a chance to see paintings that were stolen almost 30 years ago

Design A Former Navy Airfield Near Boston Will Be Turned Into A Smart City

The planned development will be home to self-driving cars and shuttles as well as green space and units for offices and residents

Automotive Tesla Expands Into Cities With Smaller Supercharger Stations

Chargers will be located at shopping centers and supermarkets for convenience

Advertising Boston Will Fight Islamophobia On Public Transit With A Viral Cartoon

The work of a French illustrator on Tumblr has been picked up by U.S. cities to encourage travelers to intervene in abuse

Beauty Sephora Concept Store Offers Same-Day Pick Up

The new Sephora Studio in Boston has a smaller footprint and aims to create a closer relationship between shoppers and in-store beauty experts

Baby Boomers A New Health Advancement Is Trying To Put An End To Aging

A drug in the clinical testing stage could potentially extend people's lives by a quarter