Brand Activation & Immersion Cannabis Brand Dosist Launches First-Ever DTC Boutique

One of California's most prominent cannabis retailers is opening a flagship store focused on consumer education and new-customer conversion

Beauty Barneys Offers Luxury Shoppers 'High-End' Cannabis Shop

Called The High End, the department store's shop will feature a collection of cannabis-infused and wellness items from chocolate to joints

Retail Autonomous Store Aims To Bring Cashierless Checkout To Everyday Convenience Shopping

California-based retailer Inokyo is beta testing its autonomous checkout technology, and if successful, will provide a blueprint for smaller stores to offer the convenience of cashierless service

Delivery & Logistics Digital License Plates Can Track A Fleet's Mileage And Electricity Use

Companies and consumers could use the experimental Rplates to track mileage, register a vehicle and monitor energy use

Home Amazon's Immersive Home-Like Experiences To Retail Alexa & Friends

The retail giant partnered with construction company Lennar Corporation to create fully-equipped model "smart" homes as a new venture into experiential marketing

Health Apple Created A 'Technology Enabled' Healthcare Service For Employees

Following Amazon’s lead, the iPhone maker is creating in-house clinics and health services for employees

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Cannabis Connoisseurs Can Partake In Luxury Vineyard-Style Tours

Flow Kana is transforming a former vineyard into a cannabis farm, where the company will offer guests dinners, seminars, tours and tastings

Home This California Startup Pays Homeowners To Reduce Electricity Use

OhmConnect helps to cut power use by aggregating the energy savings of many users who opt to "unplug" at select times

Technology How Snapchat Is Being Used To Map The Southern California Wildfires

The social media app is playing a bigger role than most people expect

Design North Face Created A Hat That Benefits The Environment

This new beanie comes from a sheep farm that takes in more carbon than outputs it

Food & Beverage California Distillery Creates Vodka From Food Waste

A bartender and agricultural economist team up to create a niche in an evergreen category

Design Imaginative Shadow Art Brings A City's Objects To Life

Artist Damon Belanger gave regular objects in downtown Redwood City cleverly placed shadows to make them look like other things

Beauty These Fragrances Will Infuse Your Home With The Smell Of California

A new line of products from Norden is inspired by the scents of the Golden State

Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket Wellness Specialists Walk Store Aisles To Help Customers Make Healthier Choices

Newly hired specialists at Raley's supermarkets mark one of many programs the company has undertaken to promote wellness and sustainability