Automotive Ford Extends Digital Store With Online Sales Service

The automaker is taking the once offline-only experience to the virtual realm, expanding its omnichannel model by letting consumers select, exchange and arrange delivery of their new vehicle

Consumer Goods Is Amazon Tiptoeing Into The Car-Dealership Business? Expert Weighs In

Bill Chidley, partner at retail and automotive design agency ChangeUp, shares insights with PSFK on why the used-car market, and a potential 'Whole Foods-style disruptive move,' should have the industry keeping the e-tailer on watch

Brand Activation & Immersion Aston Martin Offers Customers Classic Cars In Heritage-Focused Showroom

The British car brand created a special showroom in London to promote its classic cars, responding to renewed consumer interest in its heritage vehicles while building engagement with customers

Automotive Car-Shopping Site Taps YouTube Executive To Amp Up Data-Led Personalization's new chief strategy officer is charged with differentiating its niche amid heightened competition in the online auto-buying marketplace

Delivery & Logistics BMW Lets Users Rent Or Ride-Share Its Vehicles

The ReachNow app expanded its program so that users have more options within BMW's Mobile Hub, allowing the automaker to compete in the bustling ride-sharing market

Customer Experience Journey Ford Offers Shoppers Interactive Showroom Experiences

The manufacturer is making car-buying a more relaxed and enjoyable experience, eliminating the need for sales interactions and instead letting customers browse inventory on digital displays

Retail Ford Streamlines Online Car Buying For Impatient Buyers

The auto dealer's Ready.Shop.Go service gives shoppers new tools to cut their time spent at car dealerships

Technology 'Car Ears' Will Listen To The Engine And Diagnose Specific Problems

OtoSense is developing technology that uses sound to pinpoint mechanical issues in a car engine

Retail A Luxury Car 'Vending Machine' Has Opened in Singapore

The 15-story building houses up to 60 premium vehicles and resembles something straight out of Batman

Technology SUV Uses Multi-Directional Cameras To Be Constantly Self-Aware

The new Land Cruiser from Toyota incorporates technologies that are bridging the gap between self-driving vehicles and the mainstream auto market

Design Vehicle Sensors Alert Drivers To Oncoming Traffic At Sharp Turns

A #RoadsThatHonk campaign places sensors on one of India's most dangerous highways to alert travelers to watch out for oncoming cars

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel AAA Has Unveiled Its Own Car Sharing Service

The program allows drivers to drop their vehicles at any public parking lot or metered space in participating cities

Design Chinese Ride-Sharing Giant Uses Data To Ease Road Congestion

Didi Chuxing is tweaking the timing of connected traffic lights to improve road traffic in a big way

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel This Company Could Beat Tesla To Developing An Electric Pickup Truck

At around $52,000, the Workhorse has 80 mile range and accelerates from 0-60 miles per hour in 5.5 seconds