Design Researchers Can Now Make Batteries From Garbage

According to new findings, sodium-ion batteries can be made with otherwise discarded goods

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Science can now aid in finding the perfect flavor combination.

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Swedish lab accidentally created Upsalite, a new material that promises to find applications in everything from humidity control at home to chemical manufacturing in industry.

Innovation Pigeon Droppings Transformed Into Soap To Clean Up Cities [Video]

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Technology Create Your Own Bespoke Liqueur Online

Custom alcoholic beverages handcrafted to order.

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A new book called 'The Kitchen as Laboratory' explores science-based cooking.

Technology 3D Printed Models And AR Help Chemists Develop Drugs [Video]

3D representations of molecular structures are printed out and analysis software is used to see how well they fit together.

Advertising UCLA Chemistry Class Creates Lady Gaga Inspired Music Videos To Help Kids Learn

A member of the Chemistry faculty at UCLA recently held a music video competition among his students using concepts from organic chemistry as a driving theme.