Cafe & Restaurant Vegan Fast Food Delivery Comes In Reusable Jars

Tyme packs tasty vegan meals into beautiful, colorful layers and takes its packaging back to be reused

Food & Beverage A Zero-Waste Grocery Store Has Opened Up In Ottawa

Nu Grocery opened in Ottawa as the city's first zero-waste grocery store, where customers bring their own reusable containers to transport their food

Design This Device Turns Kitchen Waste Into Compost

The Taihi bin uses a Japanese fermentation process called bokashi to breakdown biodegradable materials and produce compost

Advertising Zero Food Waste Company Turns Scraps Into Cocktails

The Real Dill turns food waste into compost and a Bloody Mary mix

Fashion & Apparel Fine-Dining Menu Grown From Old Sportswear

Houdini has found a way to fully recycle their worn-out products: turn them into compost and help grow important food and crops

Technology Sleek Device Brings Composting To Any Home Kitchen

The Zera Food Recycler is designed to fit into any space to provide high quality fertilizer

Design Odorless Composting Toilet Boasts Zero Environmental Impact

Architects created The Long Drop outhouse using materials found in the surrounding area and created a waste chamber that sits farther away from users

Stylish Composting Suitable For Apartment Dwellers

A compact ecosystem breaks down more than 2 pounds of raw waste per week, efficiently and odorlessly

11 Stories You Need To Know Today

Marriott launches LGBT campaign, U.S. Ambassador sworn in on an e-reader and MySpace attempts to gain back its users

Home Chicago Eatery Creates Zero Waste [Video]

It took this restaurant two years to produce eight gallons of garbage.

Home Indoor Composter Connects With Plants Via ‘Umbilical Cord’

Student Fanny Nilsson's 'Re-FEED' concept proposes a desktop device that grinds food waste into a pulp and sends the nutrients right into the roots of a plant.

Luxury Compostable Toothbrush And Travel Case Made From Plant-Based Material

World Centric's toothbrush can be taken to a composting facility or sent back to the company once you're done using it.

Innovation Triple Pundit: REI Takes The Lead In Rethinking Packing Materials

The outdoor equipment retailer innovates and saves with sustainable packaging.

Syndicated Springwise: Plantable Raincoat Made From Potatoes And Laden With Seeds

Equilicuá’s Spud Raincoat is fully biodegradable, compostable and suitable for planting.