Have We Reached A Moment Of Truth For The Apple Brand?

Has Apple failed to be an integral part of our work life? In this episode of the Purplelist podcast, PSFK founder and editor in Chief provides his pov.

Design Learn Code With A Light-Up Pixel Display

A new pixel grid kit teaches someone how to work in code through a block system, rather than plain text

Technology Hide Your Computer Screen From Prying Eyes With This Cloaking Material

Casper is a transparent film that can be applied to glass partitions to obscure content on LED screens

Design Elon Musk Is Building A Computer Interface For Your Brain

Known in science fiction as 'neural lace,' the project hopes to intersect human consciousness and machine processes to create something entirely new

Technology Vintage Apple Computers Turned Into Homes For Plants

Artist Christophe Guinet takes old products and turns them into tech-inspired terrariums

Consumer Goods This Shelf Add Outside Storage Space To Your Computer

FLOAT Shelf is a simply designed device that adds a platform to any iMac

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Users can play with machine learning in eight applications created by the tech company

Technology Track The Coverage Of Presidential Candidates On TV In Real Time

Verso is using facial recognition technology to show which political leaders get the most air time

Advertising Coca-Cola Has Created A Custom Gaming PC

Maingear developed a computer featuring a fully functional coke bottle water-cooling reservoir

Design What Would It Look Like If Instagram Ran On Windows 95?

These GIFs imagine if the most popular image-sharing service was a program on the early operating system

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University of Washington has created quarter-sized computer that pulls power from the air

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This startup lets kids build their own machine, then teaches how to code on it

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With a little money, you can now buy a computer that can run Android or Linux

Work $9 Pocket Computer Built for Work, Play and Everything in Between

C.H.I.P. is a device that has the ability to complete the same tasks as your standard desktop but at a fraction of a fraction of the cost and size