Food & Beverage Consumers Can Cook With Alexa Thanks To Culinary Platform Integration

Amazon has partnered with cooking app SideChef to enable a rich step-by-step kitchen experience for consumers, including voice guidance, photography and video recipe demos on visually-enabled devices

Brand Activation & Immersion Facebook-Native Delivery-Only Restaurant Offers Fans Pop-Up Bar

Popular food channel Twisted created a delivery service and is opening a pop-up bar as a way to further engage customers and build its brand

Cafe & Restaurant Visitors To Austin's Central Library Can Enjoy The Culinary Creations They Browse

Located inside the library, ELM Restaurant Group created a co-working café environment where patrons can eat and educate themselves about dishes from some of the world's best cookbooks

Advertising This Scented Bus Stop Ad Teases A Vegan Cookbook

Joining the trend around experiential marketing, HarperCollins is advertising Bosh!'s new cookbook by presenting people with a multi-sensory bus-stop experience

Delivery & Logistics Now There's A Spotify-Like Service For Finding New Recipes

Launching this spring, ckbk is a digital subscription service that allows members to browse thousands of recipes and save them into 'playlists' for sharing

Retail Buzzfeed Created A Line of Cookware To Sell At Walmart

In its latest foray into branded products, the media company launched a line of Tasty kitchen tools exclusively at Walmart

Design Cook Your Meals As You Would Assemble Furniture

A cookbook takes inspiration from IKEA's instruction manuals to help people cook meals with a familiar, entertaining guide

Design Cook From Every Angle With This Fun 3D Recipe

Make a Banoffee Pie with a 3D recipe that guides you step by step

Technology Buzzfeed Made A Connected Hot Plate That Syncs With Viral Cooking Videos

The Tasty One Top helps you get social media-worthy results

Home Buzzfeed Puts Out A Cookbook That Is Totally Customizable

The online media company has crafted a print cookbook that includes only the kinds of recipes that you most want to cook

Food & Beverage Shake Shack Cookbook Teaches Home Cooks The Restaurant's Secrets

The cookbook contains tips and recipes on how to recreate the popular chain's signature burgers and fries

Syndicated AI Could Soon Be Taking The Roles Of Doctors, Teachers And Actors

Thanks to advances in technology, many jobs that weren’t considered ripe for automation suddenly are

Video Cookbook Built On Algorithms Can Be Customized Just For You

Buzzfeed has turned its popular cooking site into a personalized cooking manual

Entertainment This Cookbook Is Inspired By Brad Pitt's On-Screen Eating Habits

Learn how to whip up meals and snacks pulled straight from the actor's fictional universe