Health AI Helps Detect Cardiac Arrest By Listening To Emergency Calls

In Copenhagen, an AI assistant named Corti helps identify the nature of emergency calls in real time

Design Unconventional Hotel Offers Unique Rooms In Different Destinations

Vipp offers a curated selection, with a woodland shelter and city loft

Fashion & Apparel This Startup Is Making The 'Perfect T-Shirt' Using A Personal Algorithm

Son of a Tailor creates bespoke T-shirts that cut down on clothing waste

Food & Beverage This Algae-Producing Biodome Might Be The Future of Food

A bioreactor from IKEA's future lab can produce mass quantities of algae, which has surprising benefits as a food source

Technology This Rotary Phone Is Actually An Analog Way To Browse The Web

Hear how a browser communicates with a webpage through a rotary phone

Advertising Amnesty International Brings The Reality Of Life In Aleppo To Copenhagen’s Streets

The organization created an advertisement to remind the citizens of Copenhagen about what citizens Aleppo see every day

Automotive Photographer Uses Volvo's Safety Cameras To Create Exhibition Works

It was the world's first photography show where a car was used as a camera

Home Machine Learning Camera Brings Gestural Recognition To Your Home

The camera can be placed inside of any electronic device to control it through customizable gestures

Gaming & Play Architecture Firm Turns Their Digital Portfolio Into An 8-Bit Game

Bjarke Ingels Group is exploring the possibilities of user interactivity in web design

Retail This Is What An 'Anti-Design' Store Looks Like

Danish audio brand AIAIAI has created a minimalist environment in order to spotlight the products

Design Copenhagen's Plan To Survive The Effects Of Climate Change

Parks that turn into ponds and water tanks will help this costal city prepare for heavy rains

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Copenhagen to Undergo Infrastructure Overhaul for Cyclists

Denmark's capital made a big investment in new, intelligent traffic signals

Technology A Global Network Of Eyes Gives Sight To the Blind

Be My Eyes app uses active video-chat to connect volunteers and the visually-impaired

Luxury Pompidou-Inspired Design Turns Multi-Story Carpark into Green Community Space

Park ‘n’ Play in Copenhagen will incorporate a rooftop garden, pond and playground