Automotive Citroën Filmed Dating Sessions Hosted Inside Its C3 Model As It Zipped Around A Racetrack

The speed dating show will promote the features of the Citroën C3, such as its built-in dashcam which was used to record what transpired inside it, and will showcase the fast-paced dates of three couples

Syndicated Facebook Announces Dating App For 'Meaningful Relationships'

Mark Zuckerberg says the app, which shares some features with Tinder, aims to build ‘real long-term relationships—not just hookups’

Delivery & Logistics Subscription Dating Service Replaces Quantity With Trust

By vetting applicants and charging $7.99 a month, Raya hopes to ensure a dating service based on trust and similar interests

Entertainment Dating Service Lets People Choose Based On Voice Instead Of Image

Waving is a dating app that allow users to upload voice recordings about themselves instead of photos

Wellness Algorithm Helps Couples Improve Their Love Life

iHeartUs claims to strengthen relationships with its proprietary 'love language' algorithm

Food & Beverage Monoprix Helps Shoppers Get A Date At The Grocery Store

A French supermarket chain is using unusual packaging to help shoppers find love

Retail Bumble's Latest LA Pop-Up Brings Together Entrepreneurs

Designed to embody Bumble’s digital experience in a physical form, Bumble Hive LA will serve as a space for users to connect in real life

Advertising Bumble Has Developed A More Casual Approach To Business Networking

The service is going above and beyond a typical dating app

Technology Dating Service Only Sends People On Blind Dates

First is made to help people connect with each other by pairing them based on shared interests, no swiping or chatting required

Design Is This Tentacled Wearable The Future Of Dating?

An eye-catching wearable clues you in to your surroundings and lets you know when someone is checking you out

Advertising Bumble Is Opening A Real Space In New York For Dates To Meet Up

The Hive, as it's called, is built to embody the brand, with yellow and hexagonal furnishings

Advertising Analyze Your Dating Life By Turning It Into Data

The team behind the app Evolve envisioned a world of dating metrics, just like a social media manager might compile and analyze audience insights

Technology This Service Will Scan Your Texts To Tell If Someone Is Romantically Interested In You

Crushh is a new app that uses an algorithm to interpret words and patterns to give users an accurate idea of how much a person in question likes them

Retail Facebook's Matchmaker Chatbot Will Help You Find The Perfect Date

Lara is's new AI chatbot for the U.K. and France that can find people who might get along based on their interests