Cafe & Restaurant Beach Loungers Can Use Deliveroo's Jet-Ski Service For On-The-Spot Takeaway

The online restaurant delivery platform is bringing food directly to beach and river loungers in the U.K. this summer via an on-demand jet-ski service

Food & Beverage Deliveroo's Takeout Marketplace Offers Staffless Public Eatery Experience

At the food delivery site's 40-seater eatery in Singapore, customers can order and receive a hot meal all via kiosk and other automated processes, eliminating the need for front-of-house human staff

Brand Activation & Immersion Deliveroo's Shared Paris Kitchen Offers Customers Delivery From Eight Restaurants

Deliveroo Editions is the delivery service's first Parisian location to host multiple different establishments under one roof, increasing online delivery availability for consumers as well as helping restaurants save on the cost of rent