Brand Activation & Immersion Toms Lets Customers Choose Which Causes Their Shoes Support

In addition to giving a pair for purchasing a pair, Toms customers can instead choose from one of five different causes to support

Loyalty & Membership Philanthropy Platform Lets Millennials Swipe Right To Donate

Millie is making donating to charity as simple as swiping right, targeting millennials with a mobile-friendly user format and online payment service

Analysis Interview: How An Online Gift Registry Helps Connect The Betrothed With Charity

In an interview with PSFK, Beth Helmstetter, founder of charitable online gift registry The Good Beginning, discusses why couples are increasingly looking for more altruistic ways to celebrate their nuptials, and how her service helps design them a seamless portal for event-based donation

Features How Brands Are Expanding Gift Registries To Enhance Customer Appeal

From charitable donations to unusual experiences, today's gift registries are expanding offerings to reflect consumer desires for gifting more than just physical goods, as well as their need for flexibility of choice

Advertising Bio-Triggered Ad Campaign Is Activated By The Viewer's Heartbeat

After debuting at the Tribeca Film Festival, the movie Corazon created a billboard that seeks to engage viewers while raising awareness for organ donation

Home Crowdfunding-Retail Hybrid Makes Charitable Giving Part Of The Checkout Process

Boon Supply is a new online marketplace that sells household essentials to benefit philanthropic causes

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services UNICEF Taps Into Cryptocurrency Mining To Help Those In Need

The global charity is using cryptocurrency to make donating to causes as simple as opening a browser

Advertising Turn Troll Tweets Into Donations To Social Justice Organizations

Two ad agencies created Troll Tax to turn hateful online comments into non-profit donations

Children Charity Platform Lets Kids Donate To Other Kids

Daymaker may be a way for parents to teach their children the important lesson of giving

Design The ACLU Has Created A New Design Guide For Resistance

ACLU continues to be loud and clear in the public eye while quietly rebranding its visual identity

Retail Donate To Charities With Browser Extension

Buoy Up allows a user to donate to a charity mentioned in a news article about tragic events

Food & Beverage This App Will Intercept Billions Of Pounds Of Food Thrown Out By Restaurants

Feeding America launched a new tech platform called ‘MealConnect,’ which hopes to streamline organizational efforts to intercept wasted produce

Technology Platform Makes It Easier To Donate Essentials To Local Homeless People

StreetChange is a new crowdfunding application that allows users to donate to homeless people based on their location

A Designer Has Created A Dash Button For ACLU Donations

The concept product would make an an instant contribution each time it is pressed