Automotive In-Store Drones Can Monitor Correct Shelf Stocking And Customer Activity

The robotic devices, created by Pensa, ensure that shelves stay stocked and items are where they are intended to be, offering manufacturers and retailers a less expensive way to monitor inventory as well as customer activity

Delivery & Logistics Google Parent Company's Drone Service Will Offer Customers Free Grocery Delivery

Testing in Helsinki, Alphabet's drones are intended to deliver light-weigh packages like medicine and meals quickly and efficiently, and will trial the service free of charge this coming spring

Advertising How Samsung Turned An Abandoned Mall Into A Christmas Wonderland

Children from the Boys & Girls Club got to experience the true holiday spirit

Design These Commercial Drones Fight Fires And Help Farmers

Parrot launches drones that help firefighters and farmers

Food & Beverage Alphabet's Drones In Australia Are Now Making Food Deliveries

The company is testing the concept of a delivery network of drones

Cafe & Restaurant Autonomous Drone Makes Its First Deliveries In Iceland

Flytrex has partnered with the largest retail website in the country

Technology Drone Painting System Breathes Life Into Crowdsourced Graffiti

A central management system called Paint By Drone enables a hive of drones to draw fan-submitted content on any wall, anywhere in the world

Children LEGO Drone Showers Kids With Candy

The 'Build Amazing' campaign hopes to inspire children to think creatively

Design Robotic Bee Drones Could Be The Future Of Agriculture

This drone prototype gives bees a hand in pollinating flowers and could be a solution to the dwindling bee population

Technology Pocket Drone Doubles As A Phone Case

This autonomous quadcopter was designed by an orthodontist based on his experience overcoming small technical challenges

Retail Ford Envisions A Future Where Delivery Vans Can Launch Drones

The brand's electric self-driving automobiles would release small quadcopters to drop off and pick up packages remote areas

Automotive Land Rover Debuts Rescue Vehicle With Roof-Mounted Drone

The SUV can house a quadcopter on its roof that assists rescue units while they're in a crisis situation

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Dubai Could Have Flying Taxis By As Soon As Summer 2017

Chinese firm Ehang has already tested personal drones in the U.A.E. city