Video Better Customer Connections Depend On Conversational Commerce

Watch Dirty Lemon's Founder speak at PSFK's Future of Retail 2019 Conference on how conversational commerce allows brands to provide customers with the experiences they crave

Delivery & Logistics Interview: How The UPS Store Is Reinventing The Shipping Experience

Catering to a growing number of 'micro small-business' customers and millennials, the company aims to turn shipping into a memorable retail experience, and bring the shipping store into the 21st century

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Customers Can Browse Shopify Brands In Augmented Reality

The shopping site's new features are designed to allow smaller retailers to create richer consumer shopping experiences and drive engagement

Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket Amazon Shoppers Can Rank Items To Receive Tailored Recommendations

Called Scout, the machine-learning visual tool makes recommendations for items based on users' ranked preferences, taking advantage of consumers' digital window shopping to drive sales

Beauty Jo Malone Lets Customers Purchase Perfume Through Shoppable Videos

The interactive videos allow shoppers an engaging way to click to buy, driving sales for the beauty retailer while also providing it with key consumer purchase data

Brand Activation & Immersion Social Shopping App Opens First IRL Space To Serve As Workshop For Its Members

Depop is using its first physical location to show its seller members how to brand themselves and strengthen its community bond in the process

Shopper Education & Assistance eBay Enhances Shoppers' Buying Experiences With AI-Enabled Visual Search Function

The mega e-commerce platform is debuting an upgraded visual search tool that enables customers to create product shortlists of the most relevant products

Health Luxury Skincare Brand Lets Mobile Customers Browse Products Offline

Temple Spa is revamping its e-commerce strategy to better cater to consumers' evolving digital shopping habits, beginning with its website

Fashion & Apparel Membership Shoe Club Lets Women Digitally Consign And Buy Designer Shoes

The Luxury Shoe Club features three annual subscription options, and pays sellers up to half of each item's resale value right away, enabling convenient and efficient consignment in a booming market

Automotive Ford Offers Shoppers Interactive Showroom Experiences

The manufacturer is making car-buying a more relaxed and enjoyable experience, eliminating the need for sales interactions and instead letting customers browse inventory on digital displays

Merchandising & Curation Rotating Retail Space Offers E-Commerce Brands A Chance To Engage Consumers IRL

Batch is a store that rotates online brands every 8 to 10 weeks, giving the retailers a chance at upping their exposure and engagement through an ephemeral brick-and-mortar shop, all while offering consumers a steady stream of new goods

Shopper Education & Assistance E-Commerce Retailer Uses A Bodysuit To Make Clothing Exact To Shoppers' Size

Collection ZOZO allows customers to custom-tailor clothing like jeans and tee shirts at a low cost by donning a size-measuring bodysuit linked to an app on their smartphone, providing tailored fast fashion

Delivery & Logistics FedEx Simplifies How Merchants Process Returns

FedEx’s new technology is aimed at helping merchants address one of the most important factors in keeping customers happy: easy returns and refunds

Loyalty & Membership Platform Provides Tech Solutions For Brick-And-Mortar Retailers To Enhance Their Shopping Experience

OneMarket is breaking barriers for shopping malls and retailers, giving them access to AI, AR and natural language processing tools without a big price tag to help them curate appealing customer experiences