Design Google Is Launching Software That Makes Emails More Interactive

Inboxes are about to get smarter with this new offshoot of the tech giant's AMP project

Technology This Program Wants To Redesign Email For A More Seamless Experience

Superhuman reimagines Gmail by making it a faster, cleaner experience

Consumer Goods IKEA Sends Handcrafted Emails To Its Loyal Customers

The home retailer is trying to build a stronger relationship with its customers through sending a personal and unique cross-stitched note

MoMA Acquires The Original Emoji Set As A Work of Art

The museum has licensed the first 176 emojis for its growing collection of digital pictograms

Work Keyboard Designed To Help Women Use More Assertive Language

The device is a commentary on gender roles in the workplace, and features easy access to "power verbs" that help reinforce a habit of being direct in writing

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Travel Assistant Scans Your Emails To Make Planning Easier

This AI add-on will sync with your inbox and sends reminders to make sure you don't miss anything important

Retail Facebook Wants To Be Your Go-To Email Platform

The new company communication software combines social networking with inner-office messaging

Advertising Set Up A Meeting At Starbucks Directly From Your Inbox

A Microsoft Outlook add-in will allow you to schedule a coffee meet-up with one simple command

Design Become Pen Pals with an Internet Stranger

Become correspondence chums with a stranger across the world via email

Technology Email Platform Coaches You on Recipient Personality Styles

Crystal analyzes coworker emails to help you communicate in a curated manner

Technology Too Long, Didn't Read? App Keeps Emails Short And Sweet

Ready to make email fast and informal? Then TL;DR is for you

Design Series Turns Email into Tangible Objects

Six Monkeys transforms digital platform into physical form with aim to reshape negative connotations associated with the once-loved service

Work Artificially Intelligent Personal Assistant Schedules Meetings Using Email system organizes calendar based on personal preferences for meetups

Technology NSA-Proof Email Service Brings Privacy Back To The Internet

Switzerland-based ProtonMail offers an impenetrable mail client to everyone.