Fashion & Apparel Snapchat's Updated Spectacles Offer Wearers Polarized And Prescription Options

The social platform's latest Spectacle model aims to offer wearers both functionality and style, incorporating new design features to enhance the user experience of capturing and sharing images

Health This Eyeglasses Company Is Solving Vision Strain With Style

Felix Gray brings affordable and stylish options to the glasses game with proprietary lenses that filter out blue light from screens

Children Warby Parker For Kids Is Coming To NYC

The disruptive eyewear brand is testing the waters for a children's collection, starting in New York City retail stores

Design These Inconspicuous Sunglasses Shoot Video Straight To Social Media

ACTON, best known for its electric skateboards, is introducing eyewear that lets users record video and snap photos

Retail Warby Parker Uses The New iPhone To Map Shoppers' Faces For A Better Eyeglass Fit

Warby Parker added a new feature to its mobile app for Apple users to optimize the facial mapping capabilities of the iPhone X

Children These Customizable Eyeglasses Let Kids Create Their Own Pair

Kids can now enjoy wearing style-driven eyewear for which they can choose the designs and mix and match whenever they please

Technology Smart Glasses Could Turn Your Nose Into A Remote Control

This proposal for smart glasses recognizes the wearer touching their nose to act as a remote control for their phone

Fitness & Sport This Startup Is Trying To Make Custom Eyewear Accessible To All

Skelmet uses 3D scanning and printing to offer sport sunglasses molded to the shape of your head

Advertising Warby Parker CEO: Creating A Brand Experience Around The Solar Eclipse

Warby Parker offered experiences to help everyone participate in the extraordinary astronomical event

Fashion & Apparel This Startup Is 3D Printing Glasses That Fit Perfectly To A Wearer's Face

Dutch company Roger Bacon is taking 3D scans of customers' faces to build them perfectly fit eyewear

Podcast PurpleList Podcast Episode 15: The Key To Wearable Tech Is Not To Focus On The Tech

Billie Whitehouse took to the stage at PSFK 2017 to discuss her new yoga pant line NadiX that can correct your form with directional haptic feedback

Design Fully Modular Sunglasses Change To Match Your Outfits

The Nogs can be reconfigured as easily as you would change an outfit with fully customizable frames and lenses

Advertising Snapchat Patent Reveals The Future Of Their AR Spectacles

An updated version of their Spectacles could see dinosaurs walking around the streets

Consumer Goods Glasses Automatically Focus On Whatever You Are Looking At

Developed at the University of Utah, the liquid-based lenses can change their curvature based on the distance of objects