Food & Beverage The Future Of Sustainable Seafood Could Be Growing In A Lab

A California-based biotech startup wants to get lab-grown fish on the market to combat the world's environmental problem of overfishing

Automotive Nissan Is Turning Car Technology Into Safety Tools For Fishermen

The auto brand transferred safety features from its vehicles into a wetsuit that warns divers about oncoming waves so they can get out of the way in time

Fitness & Sport Underwater Drone Wants To Revolutionize Fishing

Powerray is designed to pinpoint and send real-time images back to people fishermen

Syndicated Big-Name Outdoors Brands Are Joining To Take On Public Officials Over Land Rights

The outdoor industry is beginning to lead the fight to protect America's public lands from being developed for gas and oil

Technology Can An Underwater Camera Help Protect Endangered Species?

SmartCatch wants to help fishermen minimize their effect on the marine environment

Work Sonar-Powered Drone Wants to Be Your Fishing Buddy

Startup Aguadrone creates a quadcopter for line fishers and commercial boats that informs them where to find the catch

Design Ocean Fishing Net Flashes LED Lights to Save Fish from Extinction

New design could prevent sickening waste of sea life and economic output

Advertising Instagram Cooking Show Teaches Culinary Skills In 15 Seconds [Video]

Amsterdam based chef turns to social media to get his quick yet informative videos noticed.

Luxury Jay Rayner: Have We Now Overfished Mackerel?

Dwindling stocks of this fish have pushed consumers to ponder: to eat, or not to eat?

Advertising Greenpeace Animation Highlights Illegal Fishing Practices [Video]

"Ocean Action" by Animate Me! was created for the organization's latest campaign.

Retail Target's Sustainable Seafood Commitment [Infographic]

The retailer partners with FishWise for the initiative to make fishing more responsible.

Innovation Monocolumn: Canada’s Lobstermen Try To Claw Back

The fishermen of Nova Scotia’s rocky southwest coast are mending their lobster traps and checking lines, but some predict the local fleet will stay at the wharf when the fishery is scheduled to open at the end of November.

Design A Relaxing Day of Fishing In The Middle Of Tokyo

An artificial pool brings a bit of nature to an urban setting.

Technology E-Commerce Site Connects Seafood Buyers Directly to Fishermen

Fuud TV provides a new way to cut out the middle man.