Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Battery-Powered Planes Could Transform Regional Travel

All-electric commercial planes are getting close to a reality, and could transport passengers on short journeys for a fraction of the cost

Food & Beverage London Buses Will Soon Be Powered By Coffee Grounds

London transport system to start using new B20 biofuel made from coffee waste

Fashion & Apparel Swedish Power Plant Uses H&M Clothing For Fuel

The fast fashion brand partnered with the plant as part of a transition to end fossil fuel use

Technology Polluted Air Is Being Turned Into Sustainable Fish Food

Farmed fish could soon be eating feed made from excess carbon dioxide in the air

Design Minimal Pencil Is Designed To Last A Lifetime

A designer with a background in aircraft engineering used sleek, sturdy materials to create the ultimate mechanical pencil

Automotive Mercedes-Benz Hopes To Boost Fuel Cell Appeal With A Hydrogen-Electric Hybrid

Preproduction models are testing a new and improved clean emissions combo

Retail A Car-Charging Grid Might Be Modeled On Sharing And The Blockchain

A new plan wants to give electric vehicles much-needed support with an expansive charging infrastructure that taps into the sharing economy

Automotive This Wooden Motorcycle Is Made To Run On Algae Oil

Ritsert Mans and Peter Mooji teamed up to make a sustainable motorcycle that uses algae oil for fuel

Delivery & Logistics Replace Your Electricity Bill With A Flat-Rate Subscription To Wind Power

Inspire wants to help customers go green and pay a fixed amount no matter how much they consume

Syndicated Roads Could Be Covered With 'Tunnels' To Absorb Pollution

UK Highways Agency studies Dutch scheme using ‘cantilevered canopies’ covered with pollution-absorbing material in effort to improve air quality

Retail This Solar-Powered Car Is Designed To Be Affordable For Everyone

The Sion by Sono Motors comes in at just under $18,000

Design Solar Paint Produces Energy From Water Vapor

The innovation could provide useful access to a clean and renewable energy source

Home Lamp Harvests Energy From Plants

Living Light aims to create a new connection between humans, nature and technology

Fashion & Apparel Radio Powered By Sweat Hints At What Future Wearables Can Achieve

A new wearable patch absorbed the energy from a person's sweat to use in a biofuel battery that then powered a radio for several days