Hot Wheels

Children Mattel And Tynker Team Up To Teach Kids To Code With Barbie

The two companies will offer new programming lessons in an initiative to get young girls interested in STEM

Gaming & Play Hot Wheels Uses AR To Add Virtual Gaming To Physical Play

Augmoto is a new racing platform with a physical track set and augmented reality app

Design What Would A Hot Wheels Track Look Like If Major Tech Companies Built One?

PSFK plays with a Hot Wheels track builder kits to give their inner DIY spirit some exercise. [Sponsored Content]

Advertising Hot Wheels Vending Machine Trades Tweets For Toys

Twitter-activated Camaro-matic Trending Machine dispensed exclusive figures to those who sent geo-located tweets.

Design Chevrolet Debuts Life-Size Hot Wheels Camaro

The special edition will be available in 2013 and features a bright metallic paint scheme, unique graphics, and red-lined wheels.

Advertising Real-World Stunts Performed In Life-Sized Hot Wheels Cars [Video]

Toy car manufacturer attempts a dangerous stunt to set a world record.

Innovation Real Drivers To Race On Giant Hot Wheels Double Vertical Loop Track

The 'Double Loop Dare’ will take place at this month's Summer X-Games with 2 drivers racing through a 60-foot loop modeled after the popular toy.

Home Dad Makes A 2,000-Foot Long Hot Wheels Track [Headlines]

A Hot Wheels track shoots a tiny car over 2,000 feet, through an entire house, down the street and over a hot tub.

Advertising Hot Wheels To Attempt World Record Jump Off Giant Replica Ramp [Video]

Hot Wheels are preparing for a real-life auto stunt at the Indianapolis 500 on May 29th.

Advertising Hot Wheels Installs Loop On Highway [Pic]

Ad campaign transforms the small-scale track loop into a life size billboard.