Hot Wheels

Gaming & Play Hot Wheels Uses AR To Add Virtual Gaming To Physical Play

Augmoto is a new racing platform with a physical track set and augmented reality app

Design What Would A Hot Wheels Track Look Like If Major Tech Companies Built One?

PSFK plays with a Hot Wheels track builder kits to give their inner DIY spirit some exercise. [Sponsored Content]

Advertising Hot Wheels Vending Machine Trades Tweets For Toys

Twitter-activated Camaro-matic Trending Machine dispensed exclusive figures to those who sent geo-located tweets.

Design Chevrolet Debuts Life-Size Hot Wheels Camaro

The special edition will be available in 2013 and features a bright metallic paint scheme, unique graphics, and red-lined wheels.

Advertising Real-World Stunts Performed In Life-Sized Hot Wheels Cars [Video]

Toy car manufacturer attempts a dangerous stunt to set a world record.

Innovation Real Drivers To Race On Giant Hot Wheels Double Vertical Loop Track

The 'Double Loop Dare’ will take place at this month's Summer X-Games with 2 drivers racing through a 60-foot loop modeled after the popular toy.

Home Dad Makes A 2,000-Foot Long Hot Wheels Track [Headlines]

A Hot Wheels track shoots a tiny car over 2,000 feet, through an entire house, down the street and over a hot tub.

Advertising Hot Wheels To Attempt World Record Jump Off Giant Replica Ramp [Video]

Hot Wheels are preparing for a real-life auto stunt at the Indianapolis 500 on May 29th.

Advertising Hot Wheels Installs Loop On Highway [Pic]

Ad campaign transforms the small-scale track loop into a life size billboard.