Automotive Hyundai Owners Can Customize Their Driving Experience Via Mobile Profile

The automaker is helping its electric car drivers customize their ride with a mobile app that lets them select and save preferences for max speed, response times, A/C control and more

Analysis How Brands Like GM Turn The Car Into A Mobile Commerce Hub

From Volkswagon to Honda, leading automotive retailers are integrating cars with ecommerce and digital entertainment capabilities to make the driving experience the highlight of the journey

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Customer Experience Journey Ford Offers Shoppers Interactive Showroom Experiences

The manufacturer is making car-buying a more relaxed and enjoyable experience, eliminating the need for sales interactions and instead letting customers browse inventory on digital displays

Shopper Education & Assistance Shoppers Can Book A Hyundai Test Drive Using Amazon Digital Showroom

The virtual showroom will allow prospective car buyers to gather information about Hyundai's car selection, find local dealers and learn about pricing, helping facilitate the pre-purchase process as well as build customer confidence

Shopper Marketing & Promotion Hyundai Scavenger Hunt For 'Ant-Man And The Wasp' Screening Promotes Its New Coupe

Hyundai is hiding hundreds of tiny versions of its newest auto model to be found by lucky fans, leading to an exclusive screening of the film that features the automaker's Veloster coupe in a move to reach a wider audience

Fashion & Apparel Brand Innovation Tracker: June

Analysis shows how brands in automotive, footwear & retail are perceived in terms of innovation (and that luxury might be dead)

Design Electrification And Autonomy Stand Out At The 2018 Geneva Motor Show

Self-driving mobility concepts and zero-emission vehicles outnumbered traditional petrol-powered debuts

Syndicated This Olympic Pavilion Can Claim To Be The Darkest Building On Earth

Sprayed with Vantablack Vbx2, the Hyundai pavilion at the Winter Olympics in South Korea absorbs 99% of light

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Autonomous Vehicle Interior Transforms For Meetings Or Socializing

Passengers can select different interior modes prior to being picked up by the self-driving car

Advertising Hyundai's 'Mobility Vision' Has Cars Docking With Homes And Becoming Shared Living Spaces

The design study, which debuted at CES 2017, envisions the car as a mobile room to meet a wide range of needs

Automotive Heads-Up Display Gives You Gesture Control Over Your Car

New automated technologies could soon replace distracting and error-prone phone-controlled setups

Retail Want To Test Drive A Car? Amazon Will Send It To Your Doorstep

The retail site is running a limited-time campaign with Hyundai that will allow Prime users to have a vehicle delivered to their home