Fashion & Apparel Travelers Can Walk Off The Plane In Stylish In-Flight Pajamas

Etihad Airways will give first-class passengers designer loungewear that is meant to be reused

Advertising Casper Teams Up With American Airlines For In-Flight Slumber Products

The mattress company reveals new products available for certain flights

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Air France Is Experimenting With VR Glasses For In-Flight Entertainment

Soon the airline will have virtual reality headsets available for passengers

Design In-Flight Entertainment Concept Puts More Content At Flyers' Fingertips

Martin Oberhäuser created the idea for Lufthansa's infotainment devices to make the interface more user friendly

Retail Airlines Are Focusing On Providing Better Food To Their Top Customers

Instead of spending money on seating, airline companies are redirecting their focus towards providing flyers with the best in-flight meals

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel British Airways Matches In-Flight Food with Music Playlists

The airline is pairing its meals with specific tracks, as a study says this can enhance the flavors

Work Virgin Atlantic Introduces An In-Flight Art Gallery

The airline will enable Upper Class passengers flying between London and New York the chance to browse and buy a work of art.

Delta's Pilots Testing iPads With Flight-Related Apps

The tablets are being used as electronic flight bags, with access to charts and manuals.

Home Can You Reimagine The In-Flight Airline Experience? #TEDActiveFly

TEDActiveFly wants to know how you would improve the in-flight experience.

Advertising An Ad-Supported Model For Everything Or The Real Cost Of Free

One airline is turning to the wisdom of the web to create a distribution model for "free" in-flight services.