Brand Activation & Immersion PSFK's New Innovation Report On Food Service Offers Key Lessons For All Retailers On How To Perfectly Deliver On Personal Tastes

From frictionless ordering and dynamic menus to optimized delivery, food service operators are leveraging technology to create a more dynamic customer experience

Food & Beverage Deliveroo's Takeout Marketplace Offers Staffless Public Eatery Experience

At the food delivery site's 40-seater eatery in Singapore, customers can order and receive a hot meal all via kiosk and other automated processes, eliminating the need for front-of-house human staff

Consumer Goods Amazon Shoppers Can Return Items Unpackaged At Designated Whole Foods Desk

Amazon is testing shipping and receiving desks at Whole Foods locations to increase its flexibility and convenience for customers

Cafe & Restaurant Mac-N-Cheese Joint Lets Patrons Digitally Customize And Retrieve Their Dish

MAC’D is automating the restaurant experience as well as production, letting customers create their own mac-n-cheese dishes at digital kiosks and retrieve them from reserved cubbies while synching kitchen processes online

Retail AI Vending Machine Curates Customers' Drinks Based On Their Photos

A Hong Kong herbal drink retailer designed vending kiosks that implement a combination of visual recognition technology and artificial intelligence to predict what a customer is most likely to want, then offers them a choice tailored to their tastes

Delivery & Logistics Walmart Shoppers Can Pick Up Pre-Packed Groceries Upon A Barcode Scan

After a positive trial of its automated kiosk in Oklahoma, Walmart is testing a larger version in its Sherman, Texas location, allowing customers to order ahead and pick up their groceries by scanning a barcode

Fashion & Apparel How Retailers Are Creating Personalized Experiences With Customer Data

To personalize consumer experiences, retailers are creating activations at their physical retail locations to better understand their pain points and provide them with custom-tailored solutions and product suggestions

Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket McDonald's To Introduce Cashier-Less Kiosk Checkout At All U.S. Locations

The fast-food brand sets a goal for enabling a self-service experience across all of the country's locations, joining the increasing embrace of automation within convenience and food

Store Experience & Design Kiosk-Only Restaurant Offers Customers Healthy Food In Three Minutes

HZ, a cashless and vegan-friendly restaurant, reserves human staff for the kitchen only, manning the eatery's front with self-serve kiosks to enable delivery of nutritious food in record time

Shopper Education & Assistance Robotic Coffee Stations Serve Fast And Accurate Orders

CAFE X's automated coffee machines take orders via app and work alongside human specialists, fulfilling two special orders in less than a minute

Fashion & Apparel Zara Is Introducing Self-Service Kiosks For Picking Up Online Orders

Zara tests out a new kiosk designed to hold packages for customers who make online orders

Cafe & Restaurant This KFC Store Lets You Pay With Just Your Face

KFC's K Pro fast food restaurant allows customers to purchase their menu items with a facial recognition kiosk

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Even Coffee Farmers Are Moving Their Businesses Onto The Blockchain

Coffee farmers now have the opportunity to take out the middlemen with an automated machine that determines the quality and cost of their crops

Technology Walmart New Giant Vending Machine Retrieves Groceries

Walmart opened a center where people can order their groceries and have them picked up at any time of day or night with just the entering of a simple code