Design Each Of These Lamps Is Modeled After A Type Of Pollen

An art team from the Zurich University of Arts turned six different pollen structures into 3D lamps with a color-changing light inside

Work Interactive Lamp Shivers, Puffs or Deflates Based On Its Surroundings

Sudden sounds or commotion make these lamps respond accordingly

Design A Lamp You Only See When You Need It

Hide and Seek lamps depend on light for their generation, not the other way around

Home Artist Crafts Lamps from Actual Loaves of Bread

Japanese artist brings her foodie passion into the home in a yeast inspired home decor collection

Luxury Lamps Designed to Leverage Atmospheric Elements

Designer Arturo Erbsman creates handmade lighting objects that incorporate natural elements like snow, ice, condensation, and more

Work Warm Natural Light with Built-In Wireless Charging Pad

Aerelight is an elegant task lamp with an OLED light panel that provides light without the need of a bulb to replace

Gaming & Play Nintendo Desktop Arcade Machine Takes Design Cues from 1930s Lamp

The Model G1 is a posable desktop NES clone that was inspired by the traditional Anglepoise lamp

Innovation Cement Lamp Can Sit On A Desk, Mount to the Wall or Hang Like a Pendant

Shane Goldberg's design of the G/01* Lamp makes it a modern three-in-one lighting fixture perfect for any kind of space

Design DIY Designer Lamp Offers Optimal Functionality with Minimal Parts

Trace can be easily assembled by connecting two wooden pieces that slot together similar to the way magician rings do.

Home Turn Your Favorite Novel Into a Lampshade

BookLamp lets you re-purpose your favorite hardcovers as statement lighting

Design Futuristic Lamps Grown from Fungi

MYX mushroom-mycelium lighting items on display at Maison et Objet

Luxury Awaken the Senses with Chromatic Light Experiences

The concept of mycoocoon is based on research in chromotherapy, aromatherapy, lighting, furniture design, and music

Design 'Favorite Things' Pendant Lamp Lets You Showcase Adored Mementos

The uniquely-designed household product lets users display favorite items in a transparent tank that serves as a light fixture

Design Study Lamp Stares and Seeks Attention

The Pinokio, true to its namesake, is a robotic lamp as curious and as attention-seeking as a little child