Technology Baidu's Pocket-Sized Device Can Translate Speech In Real Time

The Chinese search engine is developing a universal translator that uses its deep-learning neural networks to translate spoken languages instantly

Entertainment Duolingo Adds A Course In Klingon For Star Trek Fans

The learning platform is giving Trekkies a chance to master the famous language from the Star Trek universe

Advertising KLM Installs Seats That Translate Languages In Real-Time Conversation

Dutch airline KLM used Google Cloud Speech to help people traveling through an airport communicate with each other in their own languages

Podcast Duolingo Expands Into Podcasting With Real-Life Multi-Lingual Stories

Duolingo created a new podcast for listeners interested in brushing up on their Spanish

Retail Microsoft's AI Wants To Teach You Chinese

Microsoft launched a language app called Learn Chinese that uses AI as a conversational assistant

Design AR Concept Helps Language Learners Translate Names Of Everyday Objects

Using augmented reality, this engineer's nifty tool translates the names of objects with a simple point and tap

Design Google's In-Ear Headphones Can Translate Between 40 Languages In Real Time

Google's new earphones offer hands-free operation with a smart assistant that follows commands and answers questions

Advertising Vending Machine Accepts Dialects As A Form Of Payment

Coca-Cola made a vending machine that allows a person to speak a phrase in a specific Swedish dialect to win a drink

Interview How Instagram Is Being Used As A Language Learning Tool

Several Instagram accounts dedicated to teaching language have developed a passionate following

Entertainment Netflix Campaign Creates 'Narcos'-Themed Spanish Lessons

The streaming platform teamed up with language app Babbel to create an app that taught users Spanish phrases from their original drama 'Narcos'

Technology Learn Arabic And Help Save A Refugee Through A Single Socially-Minded Platform

NaTakallam is a connects people over Skype or WhatsApp with Syrian refugees to exchange support and knowledge

Advertising Irish Language Pop-Up Connects People Around the World

The pop-up social events are meant to encourage people to learn about and speak the Irish language

Service Breaks Down Language Barriers Using Comics

LingoZING is an app that uses comic books as a way to easily teach languages

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Language App Bot Simulates Real Conversations

Duolingo's latest app feature bots lets users test their language skills in A.I. fueled conversations to help them practice pressure-free