Automotive Mercedes-Benz Compliments Passersby With Light-Based Messages To Promote Digital Headlights

The headlight feature is called Digital Light and comprises over two million micro-reflectors, which can be used to project lanes, relevant traffic info and improve road safety

Health How Optimized Ambience Is Helping To Improve Sleep Quality

From IoT mattresses to AI fragrance diffusers, brands are implementing the latest technologies to create innovative products aimed at optimizing people's sleep environment

Design Light Bulb Confuses Phone Cameras To Protect Privacy

Researchers have created an LED light bulb to disrupt the image a phone camera takes

Technology Prototype Crosswalk Moves And Adapts To Prioritize Pedestrians

A UK design firm creates a new kind of crosswalk that uses LED lights to help pedestrians cross safely

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Tired of NYC Subway Delays? Get Your Own Fully Functional Service Sign

A Brooklyn based startup is creating subway service signs that show real time departures for any establishment

Fashion & Apparel Little Black Dress Made With Graphene Changes Color When You Breathe

The dress by the into Trafford Centre is the world's first made of super-material graphene

Delivery & Logistics Portable Farm Allows Crops To Be Grown Inside Shipping Containers

A vertical hydroponics system inside a shipping container from Freight Farms allows for all year-round farming

Home Inflatable Lamp Comes Rolled Up In A Can

Ingo Maurer's Blow Me Up lamp can be hung in different ways around the house

Automotive Minivan Lets You Keep An Eye On Your Kids In The Back

With the new model from Honda, parents can stay on top of the kids without being distracted while driving

Cafe & Restaurant Mind-Bending Installation Blends Art And Architecture At Renwick Gallery

Parallax Gap, designed by architectural firm FreelandBuck, is on display now until February

Design This Light Stick Lets Artists Digitally Paint With Light

Digital Sputnik's Voyager is a smart light solution with a built-in animation engine

Technology Bone Conduction Ring Lets You Make Calls With Your Fingers

Orii makes accepting calls far easier by using bone conduction and vibrating through a person's finger

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Street Lamps Could Soon Also Charge Electric Cars In London

The street lamps in Hounslow, London, have an additional electricity port for electric car drivers who want to charge their vehicle

Advertising A Giant Amazon Echo Towers Over Onlookers In Times Square

A 79-foot-tall replica was built between 44th and 45th Street in NYC, featuring the familiar LED light ring