LED lights

Advertising These NFL Beer Glasses Light Up After A Touchdown

Bud Light created glasses for New England Patriots fans to drink from that light up whenever the Patriots score a touchdown during the game

Design Philips Bulbs Will Soon Sync With Games, Movies And Music

Philips will launch the Hue Entertainment program update in December, which will sync a user's LED lights to match what's happening on their screen

Technology This Minimalist Flashlight Is Made Of Paper

Durable paper printed with electronic circuit boards allows a user to roll the tube loosely or tightly to adjust the light

Food & Beverage 3D Coca-Cola Ad Gives Billboards A New Look In NYC's Times Square

The 3D sign uses 1,760 LED screens to give viewers the unique experience of depth and motion in a shifting advertisement

Fitness & Sport Exercise Stick Trains Your Muscles With Light-Based Feedback

Disruptive Force designed an exercise stick that uses LED lights to help users understand how to exert the correct amount of force in their workouts

Fashion & Apparel LED Eyelashes Hint At The Future Of Fashion

A new wearable plays light patterns across a person's eyelashes to make their eyes stand out at a party or a show

Design NYCxDesign: Interactive Bench Delivers Light Show When Touched

The Mobius seat showcases the qualities of a new material that appears at first to be opaque black

Home Crib Simulates A Moving Car To Help Babies Sleep

Ford has created a crib that lulls babies to sleep by mimicking a car ride

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Bike Path In Poland Can Glow For 20 Years Using Solar Power

Cyclists can follow the shimmering blue lanes for better safety each time they ride

Fashion & Apparel Add These Lights To Your Running Shoes For Nighttime Jogs

These clip-on beams will make your workouts after dark easier and safer

Work Be the Brightest Networker With Light-Up LED Business Cards

Illuminated with etched light, these business cards are almost too lovely to hand out

Gaming & Play Future Mall Lightbulbs May Talk to Shoppers' Phones

GE's forward-thinking shopping spaces will communicate with shoppers through pulsating lights

Luxury Newark Airport’s Lights Spy On Visitors As They Travel Through

New LED lights at Terminal B connect to sensors, cameras and each other over a wireless network.

Technology 3D-Printed Box Turns An Entire Building Into A Giant Rubik's Cube [Video]

Artist Javier Lloret created an interactive facade controlled by a handheld version of the puzzle.