Home New AI From LG Helps Consumers Use Appliances Correctly In Moment

Proactive Customer Care implements the company's proprietary ThinQ AI to enable personalized, in-moment support, alerting consumers to problems and offering solutions for a better overall ownership experience

Delivery & Logistics Amazon Dash Customers Can Connect Their LG Appliances For Automatic Refills

As Amazon continues to infiltrate the consumer appliance market, its automatic refill capability is now available on LG products

Luxury Bloomingdale's Flagship Expands Home Department With LG Signature Technology

The American department store is expanding its premium home selection by including state-of-the-art technology from LG, responding to demand from luxury consumers for high-end connected appliances

Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket LG Self-Driving Carts Aim To Save Grocery Shoppers Time And Energy

The electronics retailer's robotic shopping companion not only eliminates the need for shoppers to push or carry their grocery carts, but even rings up their items as they shop, allowing customers to skip the lines and check out immediately

Features How Companies Are Making Technology More Inclusive For All Consumers

In order to create solutions that provide benefits to every demographic, brands are implementing initiatives to reduce inherent bias, racism or other discriminatory nodes

Health How Routine Assistance Is Enhancing Consumer Wellness Experiences

New technology is poised to take on the burden of the many demands on modern consumers, automating daily activities like shopping and travel while enhancing routines like sleeping and relaxation

Advertising LG Put Up A Dishwasher-Themed Water Park In New York

To promote its new four-arm spray dishwasher, LG inflated a pop-up water park on New York's Upper East Side

Design LG's Robot Vacuum Has A Built-In Google Home Assistant

The newest LG Hom-Bot Turbo+ models come with cameras to function as a security system while also cleaning an owner's home

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel LG's Friendly Robots Will Help Travelers Through Seoul's Airport

Korean tech giant debut two robots that will join the airport staff

Technology Intelligent Robots Have Been Introduced At Seoul's Incheon International Airport

LG Electronics Inc. has unveiled two AI helper bots at South Korea's most important gateway

Retail LG's New Robot Will Be Your Personal Airport Guide

No more getting lost in the terminal, because this charming robotic concierge could soon be helping travelers get to where they need to be

Food & Beverage LG Smart Fridge Has Built-In Amazon Alexa For Seamless Ordering

The refrigerator lets users search recipes, play music, and place grocery orders

Gaming & Play Capturing and Creating Content in 2016 Will Be All About Immersion

Mobile World Congress 2016 revealed a shift in how consumers produce media

Innovation LG Shows Off TV Advancements in Super Bowl Ad Starring Liam Neeson

Slim glass panels reveal the brand's commitment to rich television