Design Artist Collective Creates A Digital Organism Of Light In A Dutch Forest

WERC made a digital organism inspired by nature's complex patterns

Design Tokyo Greenhouse Lights Up When You Touch The Plants Inside

A design event in Tokyo consists of a greenhouse with plants covered in lights visitors can touch to activate the LEDs

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Light Is Being Leveraged To Cure The Effects Of Jet Lag

Jeggo is a light and sound device meant to help travelers adjust to their new time zone faster and easier

Technology Redwood From NYC Water Tower Reused For Sculpture Showing Tree's Size

The lighting installation illustrates shows the massive scale of the endangered tree species

Home Modular Indoor Garden Works Like A Living LEGO Set

LeGrow lets gardeners resize, add lights and even simulate a morning fog for their home plants

Technology Connected Urn Helps People Deal With Grief

Fragment lets family members and friends share their memories of deceased loved ones

Fashion & Apparel This Jacket Is Designed To Light Up Like A Mating Call

The interactive garment by Room for Concepts “matches” the wearer with people around them

Design Is A Camera With Ten Lenses Better Than One?

The Light camera brings an insect-like level of sophistication to a phone-sized camera

Design 3D-Printed Sculptures Move And Bloom Realistically

Artist John Edmark created sculptural plants and flowers according to the golden ratio

Home Modular Light System Designed To Gracefully Become Obsolete

Teague Labs has introduced a lighting unit to do much more than light up a room

Home Magnetic LEDs Turn Any Wall Into Light-Up Art Project

Helio offers magnetic light panels that connect together and hang on a wall to create various designs that brighten up any room

Performance Piece Blends Dancers Into Folds Of Light

The work provides commentary on the increasing connection between programmed and analog dimensions

Design Transforming Light Waves Into A New Art Form

An artist uses glass treated with layers of metallic coatings to create a unique installation called lightpaintings

Entertainment This Light Installation Will Play With Your Perception Of Time

A new audiovisual project features a grid of motion-controlled LED pendulums that move like the rhythm of a clock