Retail PSFK's Roadmap To DTC Success: The Future of Retail 2019 Report

Our flagship Future of Retail 2019 report unpacks the DTC opportunity by examining key trends and presents strategies that all brands and retailers can implement in order to own the entire retail life cycle

Automotive How Brands Are Cultivating Loyalty Among Modern Consumers

Consumers increasingly value high-quality customer service and the ability to co-create their brand experiences with the companies themselves, which has led to brands implementing more immersive technologies to create more customized loyalty program experiences

Consumer Goods PSFK Launches The Occasion-Based Marketing Debrief

Our new report provides a framework for brands and retailers to use relevant occasions and events to build long-term consumer engagement

Fashion & Apparel Membership Shoe Club Lets Women Digitally Consign And Buy Designer Shoes

The Luxury Shoe Club features three annual subscription options, and pays sellers up to half of each item's resale value right away, enabling convenient and efficient consignment in a booming market

Food & Beverage Service Surveys Users' Groceries To Generate Meal Ideas And Recipes

Consumers can use Cooklist's app to remember the grocery items that they already have in their kitchens, check the items' expiration dates and find recipe ideas, helping facilitate meal-time prep

Health Cannabis Business Focuses On Building Strong Customer Relationships

A marijuana dispensary is using CRM software to make friends with its customers, deploying data to cultivate brand loyalty

Delivery & Logistics New Yorkers Can Have Their Target Groceries And Electronics Delivered Same Day

In a joint effort to compete with the likes of Amazon, Shipt and Target are implementing a same-day delivery program in the Greater New York Metro area

Shopper Education & Assistance Facebook’s Head Of Retail Outlines Three Innovations Reshaping The Shopper Experience

Eva Press, Facebook's group lead for retail, CPG and healthcare, shares with PSFK how omnichannel shopping is giving way to omni-experience retailing, as merchants tap AR, video and conversational commerce to meet new consumer demands

Shopper Marketing & Promotions Amazon VR Booths Let Users Interact With Products During Prime Day

Using Oculus Rift's VR system, shoppers are able to browse some of Amazon’s featured brands and promotions while inside virtual household rooms, spanning bath & beauty, kitchen & dining, fashion spaces and more

Brand Activation & Immersion Hotel Chain Offers Its Guests Co-Branded Events With Abercrombie & Fitch

Hospitality company Sbe is extending its shopping and entertainment options for guests while helping the clothing brand reach new audiences, launching activations such as VIP events and specialty pop-up shops

Retail Interview: How An Online Fashion Brand Marshals AR To Enable Outdoor Shopping Experiences

A senior exec at Outdoor Voices describes the DTC brand's mission to imbue an active lifestyle into its customers' shopping experience.

Loyalty & Membership Startup Featuring Small Food Brands Helps Users Expand Their Horizons

Yoyo Wallet's payment and loyalty app enables retailers to access consumer data for a more personalized culinary experience, helping support smaller food businesses while also giving users exposure to new brands

Loyalty & Membership Learn How To Cultivate Consumer Loyalty Across 5 Key Industries

From fostering authenticity to providing convenience, here are the key steps to take for brands looking to sustain long-term engagement from their customers, detailed in PSFK's recently launched CX Playbook

Transactions & Payments Coffee Brand Lets Customers Exchange Loyalty Points For Cryptocurrency

Lattesso's new coin allows coffee drinkers to earn tokens that can be exchanged for coffee and cash, paving the way as Crypto Valley's first loyalty coin and helping merge cryptocurrency with everyday activities